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Achieving true anonymity, PYC Private Chain may exceed Bitcoin with its level of security

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Achieving true anonymity, PYC Private Chain may exceed Bitcoin with its level of security

September 10
01:15 2019

As it is known to all, the transaction history of bitcoins is completely open. Everyone can query the cash inflow and outflow of your wallet through your wallet address in the blockchain, and can trace back to the ultimate origin of bitcoins, that is, the address sent to after the block is created. This poses a great threat to personal privacy.

Based on this background, PY was born, but is this kind of anonymous currency really safe? According to a team member of a development team, some anonymous currencies have so far been unable to query the blockchain or even have no encrypted wallet, and some anonymous currencies have had black swan events.

Such as the famous Mount Gox Mt. The Gox incident, the recent KYC data leak by Binance, and the inexplicable loss of some wallets all cast doubt on the safety of the currency circle.

In order to solve the current dilemma, the Privacy Chain Foundation has launched a privacy chain platform, which is dedicated to the privacy and anonymity of blockchain assets.

Introduction to Privacy Chain

The privacy chain is developed by Europe’s top virtual currency development team, which has been committed to developing blockchain mining technology and privacy anonymity technology. As an organization that already has professional level and zero-currency contract technology, the Privacy Chain Foundation has perfect system and experience, both in terms of basic resources to professional technology and from energy integration to organization and management.

The Privacy Chain Foundation, led by its own zerocoin protocol technology, has jointly developed an application token, PYC, for the privacy of blockchain assets.

PYC introduction

Privacy Chain(PYC) is an crypto currency that protects the privacy of accounts by using the zerocoin protocol. It is the first crypto currency to implement the zerocoin protocol, which ensures that the relevant address information of both parties to the transaction is not leaked through the use of zero-knowledge proof. PYC distribution adopts a comprehensive mechanism of investor return+mining, which guarantees the interests of miners and investors in the later stage on the basis of ensuring the development cost of the development team in the early stage.

The privacy chain ecological platform closely links “block chain+asset privacy anonymity+mining” in a new way, forming an unprecedented digital world application ecology. In addition to forming a vertically integrated circular ecological chain of “block chain+asset privacy anonymity+mining”, block chain, asset privacy anonymity and mining each form a horizontally expanded open ecological circle. The ecological chain and the ecological circle crisscross each other to form a matrix structure, which together form an ecological system with complete private chain and open circulation. Each link in the private chain ecology has its own system, which enables the private chain ecology to self-circle, self-hatch, self-evolve, self-innovate, and continuously create brand-new values.

The Privacy Chain Foundation respects and pays tribute to the former anonymous currency team developers and their technical predecessors. Anonymous currencies will be developed in a humble spirit. Based on respecting learning, attentions will be paid to improving the mechanism to realize the true concept of anonymity. 

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