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ESports Nutritional (ESN) Introduces a New Range of Nutritional Energy Drinks and Protein Bars for Casual and Professional Gamers and ESport Athletes

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ESports Nutritional (ESN) Introduces a New Range of Nutritional Energy Drinks and Protein Bars for Casual and Professional Gamers and ESport Athletes

August 14
01:48 2020

The ESports Nutritional (ESN) Energy Product Range is Created Specifically to Provide Professional and Casual Gamers with Healthy Alternatives to Sugary Sodas and Unhealthy Junk food Diets

Professional gamers and ESport athletes are notorious for spending 12 or more hours in one spot, playing various games. Even tournaments are known to go on for hours. Often, gamers will turn towards fatty junk foods because they are high in sugar and give an energy burst that helps them fuel.

Another reason gamers turn eating junk food is that theyre looking for something quick and filling to eat before they go on their next adventure in the gaming world. In such instances, junk food options are usually the only alternative that they turn to. 

However, ESN introduces a range of nutritional products that can do all that but in a healthier manner. Their patented HAX formula is developed to help improve cognitive function, supercharge the senses, reduce stress, and improve focus. The aim is to offer gamers a comfortable gaming experience while negating the effects that traditional sugary drinks and unhealthy foods have to offer. 

The ESN range contains energy drinks called the Over Powered (OP) drink and the Rekt Energy bars, which provide essential macro and micronutrients that play a crucial role in helping the body function. The ingredients in the drinks and the bars are specifically chosen because of their beneficial qualities. 

The Rekt bars are available in two different flavors, namely dulce de leche and chocolate praline. They contain Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine, which is known to enhance focus, memory, learning, and mental endurance. All these ingredients are packed in with a healthy dose of fiber, which helps keep one satiated for longer, and you’re less likely to get food cravings to snack on unhealthy items. 

The OP energy drink comes in a delicious gummy bear flavor. Despite the sweet taste, it has none of the sugar that other such sweet beverages have. It contains L-Theanine, L-tyrosine, and Ginseng – all ingredients that are known to enhance brain function, improve the immune system, and even help to fight fatigue in the system. 

The best part is that you can get the ESN range of nutritional energy drinks and protein bars by backing them up on Indiegogo. Pledge packages start from £5 and go up £60. Each package also offers various benefits, including limited edition items that are only available for backers. 

Once the project has been fully backed, shipping will begin following the schedule shared by ESN on their Indiegogo page. 

About ESports Nutritional – ESN

ESN’s team consist of medical specialist and fitness experts. They are also gaming enthusiasts and understand how unhealthy gamers can get, especially if they spend hours on end behind the screen. In a bid to offer healthy alternatives to the fatty snacks and junk food options that gamers rely on, ESN introduced a range of nutritional energy drinks and protein bars. 


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