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It’s Time to Yell, “That’s My Sundae!”

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It’s Time to Yell, “That’s My Sundae!”

August 13
23:54 2020

Chicago – August 13, 2020 – That’s My Sundae!, a new card game, is being launched by a company with the same name. Conceived and created by Stephen Brieloff, ‘That’s My Sundae!” is an easy, fun-filled game for families and friends. The game is a result of a deep felt need for old style family interactions, and a more recent impetus created by the Chicago quarantine.

In That’s My Sundae! players compete to build ice-cream sundaes. Each card carries some components of the sundae and as the game proceeds, players overcome obstacles and win reward points, making this an engrossing game. The player who gets the most points at the end of three rounds wins the game. 

Since opponents need to be keen enough to sabotage others who are building sundaes quickly, the game requires a lot of strategizing and planning. The deck of cards, for example, contains a brain freeze card that forces a lost turn. There is a “That’s My Sundae!” card that provides protection against attempted sabotages. The player who gets the “That’s My Sundae!” card is supposed to shout, “That’s My Sundae!” 

In today’s digital world with everyone glued to their screens, humans need an escape and crave human interaction. Games provide this interaction and build stronger relationships. If I can contribute to that mission even for one person, this game will be well worth it,” says Brieloff.

Brieloff was prompted to launch the card game because of his concerns for people who spend a lot of their time on electronic devices, sacrificing precious family time and jeopardizing relationships.  Brieloff’s childhood memories, which involved hours of playtime with family and friends, also played a significant role in encouraging him to launch the game that is being positioned as a light entertainer for families and friends to regain the bonding that is mostly missing in the digital age.

New to the gaming business, Brieloff developed the game driven by passion and is looking to market the same with experiences and resourcefulness that he has accumulated all through his life. He was supported in his endeavor by his friends and family, and is in turn offering a part of the earnings from the game to charity. Each sale of a copy of “That’s My Sundae!” would see a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Explorer’s Program of charity organization, ‘My Block, My Hood, My City’.

Buy ‘That’s My Sundae!’ from Amazon.

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