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The Tidal Wave of New Artists for the African Diaspora: AliYAH King

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The Tidal Wave of New Artists for the African Diaspora: AliYAH King

August 14
00:52 2020

American singer-songwriter based in France with a mission to represent her culture through music

France: American singer/songwriter and producer AliYah King lives in France but works on her music internationally. She is also a part of the artist delegation with the 6th Region program where she represents the Anglophone African diaspora. With her first single “Let’s Go Home” released August 1, we got her to talk a little bit about herself, her music, and her destiny.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

AliYah: I am an independent singer-songwriter and music producer currently based in France. I am also a part of the artist delegation representing the African diaspora from The States, Europe, and Canada with the 6th Region program. It is an honor to be a part of such historic events and I look forward to working more and more in Africa over time.  I have been singing, writing, and performing internationally for years under another name, Paula Ajala King. My new name, AliYah, is the Yah-given name that I received in dreams over the past few months. Because of this, I have changed and simplified my artist’s name to AliYAH King.

How do you feel right now, starting your music career and releasing a single?

AliYah: It feels like the beginning of a brand new book! New music, new life, new day…and I’m feeling goooooood!

How would you categorize your music?

AliYah: In the past, I did a lot of featurings for different producers of many different styles like deep house, electro, RnB-pop, dance. Now under my new name, where I am only singing my own compositions, it spans from acoustic, pop, pop-reggae to chillax-life music.

How has your career in music been recently?

AliYah: I’ve worked with Wagram, Warner Music, Saft Records (Spain), Gum Records, and Universal Music Publishing. My songs have played on FG Radio, Hot Mix Radio, Vibration Radio, and many others throughout Europe. I’ve performed in Italy, France, Monaco, Canada, Germany, The UK, and The US. I am now writing my first EP as AliYah King and our music video for “Let’s Go Home” will be out very soon!  I’m very excited about that!

Your single “Let’s Go Home” is a very emotional song that looks like it comes from a place of pain and heartbreak. Is that how you feel about your music?

AliYah: I am very spiritual and I only write about love, light, peace, and all things that are good. In this case, I wrote this song (Let’s Go Home) because of the violence and police brutality in The US. This song was downloaded into my spirit one morning. The song didn’t exist. I went to sleep, woke up, went to my window with my tea, and boom! I was singing the song like It was already on the radio. I picked up my guitar and the rest is history. It was very cathartic to get that off my chest.

Truth, light, and love are things that inspire me the most.  I only sing to give voice to them.  This is why I make music.

You can listen to AliYah King’s new single “Let’s Go Home” on Spotify.  She also has a YouTube channel, Instagram and Soundcloud.

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