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Energy Healer, Xantor Weinberg, Offers Sessions by Phone, Skype, Online

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Energy Healer, Xantor Weinberg, Offers Sessions by Phone, Skype, Online

August 14
11:52 2020

Melbourne, VIC, Australia – Aug 14, 2020 – Alpha Chi Feng Shui practitioner and consultant, Xantor Weinberg, specialises in helping individuals improve the energy within their homes and workspaces to create happier and more productive environments. He’s now offering his services online, by phone, and via Skype.

“Life is for living and living is free,” said Weinberg. “We help people to improve the energy within their home, and in one-on-one healing sessions, bring their energy back into balance so that their self-healing power can kick in and they can live a more happy and fruitful life.”

Negative energy can present itself in a variety of ways ranging from clutter and stress to contentious relationships within the environment. Alpha Chi Feng Shui Melbourne can help clear negative energy and open the door for positive energy to enter.

An environment aligned for optimal positivity fosters the psyche, enabling individuals to focus on better relationships at home and work. An Alpha Chi Feng Shui atmosphere is one in which energies are balanced, preparing the way for individuals to better deal with challenges and enjoy what life has to offer.

Weinberg also offers free earth healing and meditation classes. Earth healing is available for inhabited and non-inhabited areas. Energy healing Melbourne creates harmony between the earth, humans, and the life forces that inhabit those spaces. Separate meditation classes are conducted for health, wellness, and spiritual development.

Ancestral constellation is another avenue of earth healing through family structures that the practitioner offers. The sessions work with the individual and their spiritual ancestors to address dysfunction. It’s effective in breaking the cycle of generational abuse and bringing about healing.

The energy healer offers four-day Path into Light training that provides insight into the world of spirit. Weinberg also provides Alpha Chi Fen Shui Consultancy Training (ACC) that takes place over 15 days and begins with the 8th Chakra to initiate a new level of perception.

Weinberg is helping individuals create environments that promote positive energy. Negative energy affects individuals every day in ways of which they’re not even aware on a conscious level. Weinberg is helping people mitigate the negative and accentuate the positive in their life.

About Xantor Weinberg

Xantor Weinberg is an energy healer, spiritual teacher, and Alpha Chi Fen Shui practitioner and consultant that has performed his services throughout Germany and Australia for more than 20 years. Together with his wife, Shakandra, he operates a Centre of Light in Panton Hill, just one hour north of Melbourne CBD. Connect with him on Facebook.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Xantor Weinberg
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Phone: 0433 381 318
Country: Australia

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