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Customized Antimicrobial Functional Materials Suitable for Wide Applications

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Customized Antimicrobial Functional Materials Suitable for Wide Applications

August 15
03:00 2020
Antibacterial materials are a very common but important part of daily life. Creative Diagnostics has expanded its business scope to provide high-quality antibacterial functional materials with a wide range of applications.

New York, USA – August 14, 2020 – For a long time, harmful bacteria have caused great harm to people’s production and life. For example, pathogenic Escherichia coli O157:H7, mad cow disease, foot-and-mouth disease, anthracnose, etc. have caused shocking infections and lead to worries about deterioration of ecological and microbial environment. So countries around the world pay more attention to the research of antibacterial agents. Antibacterial materials are emerging international functional materials in the 1990s. They can provide other materials and products the function of inhibiting and killing microorganisms, and have become an emerging industry worldwide.

Creative Diagnostics has long been a leading provider of various kinds of magnetic particles, nanoparticles, quantum dots, beads based kits and devices, etc., now it has expanded the product array to customized antimicrobial functional materials, mainly including:

• Antimicrobial Nanopowder

Nano-silver based antimicrobial additives, guanidine-containing antimicrobial additives, silver-loaded zirconium phosphate antimicrobial additives, nano-copper based antimicrobial additives, etc.

• Antimicrobial Dispersion Liquid & Coating

Antimicrobial paint additives, mono nano silver dispersion, nano-copper dispersion, etc.

• Antimicrobial Functional masterbatch

Mono nano silver antibacterial masterbatch, silver-loaded zirconium phosphate antibacterial masterbatch, nano copper antibacterial masterbatch, etc.

Antimicrobial Finishing Agent

Nano-silver based finishing agent, nano-copper based finishing agent, nano-silver/nano-copper hybrid finishing agent, germanium & silver finishing agent, organic guanidine finishing agent, etc.

• Antimicrobial functional films

• Antimicrobial air purification

Nano-silver based, etc.

These materials cover a wide range of applications, for example, antimicrobial finishing agent can be widely used in pure cotton, blended, chemical fiber, non-woven fabrics, and other fabrics; antimicrobial dispersion liquid can be added to water-based paints, soaps, cosmetics; antibacterial masterbatch can be used for the development of antibacterial plastic products. Creative Diagnostics also provides a variety of plastic substrates according to customer requirements, such as PET, PE, PC, PMMA, PVC, etc.

“The various of the material format and chemical composition can help clients solve the challenges they might meet, such as limited antimicrobial additives options for different processing strategies, limited compatibility with different polymer substrates/resins or low stability of the additives when for the outdoor usage,” introduced by a senior scientist at Creative Diagnostics.

With wide coverage of the antimicrobial additives with different formats, these antimicrobial functional materials provide broad-spectrum antimicrobial function and long antibacterial endurance even in out-door conditions. They are recyclable, and can tolerate multiple processing. Detailed information can be reached on

About Creative Diagnostics

Creative Diagnostics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of various nanoparticles, microparticles and their coatings for R&D and commercialization in a wide variety of application areas including in-vitro diagnostics, biochemistry, cellular analysis, cell separation, immunoassay. Creative Diagnostics is also dedicated to providing the most comprehensive list of products and fit-for-purpose custom design services to academia as well as industrial researchers and assay developers all around the world.

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