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Covid-19 Cleaning Service Added to Established Boise Business

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Covid-19 Cleaning Service Added to Established Boise Business

August 15
03:07 2020
Covid-19 Cleaning Service Added to Established Boise Business

Covid-19 is still a major health concern in the Boise Idaho area, just as it is around the nation. For businesses, what is the best method to ‘attack’ this health menace?

AMR, a mold removal company is using a solution that eliminates the virus completely. It is the same solution that has been used for 1 1/2 decades now to eliminate all kinds of viruses (including covid-19), bacteria (including anthrax) and fungi (including black mold and all other kinds of mold). 

This Covid-19 cleaning solution was developed in a coordinated effort with the military and a private company to help in military cases where needed.

How is it used?

The person who applies the solution uses a full body suit combined with full facial masks in order to be able to use a fogger (the solution appears like a mist) to apply it throughout the room/building.

“It is very safe. I have been using it for years,” says David Zedwick Owner of AMR. “It is registered with the EPA and is effective against any virus, bacteria or fungus.”

“It is military grade and is currently used in hospitals, schools, emergency and public vehicles as well as offices and homes across the nation. Even the secret service and other government agencies use it.”

Various approaches can be effective against Covid-19 but most of them have drawbacks. Most, like disinfectant and disinfectant wipes, do not kill all of the virus (99.9% seems to be the best in most cases) and most of them do not clean the air itself (UV rays are an exception).

Because the solution is used with a fogger, it can get places that other disinfectants cannot reach, including the air. And, according to Zedwick, it is safe around electronics and vents.

“The best thing about using this solution is that it is 100% effective against covid-19 and is environmentally safe”, Zedwick admits. “There seems to be little, if anything that is as effective and safe on the market today. One of the most important things for so many people, right behind safety, is to keep businesses open. That is one of our main goals, to help businesses and help the economy”.

Businesses and residences in Boise will now have one more option to help protect from the Covid-19 virus.

“AMR is not the only option to help protect against the virus”, David admits. “But it gives businesses and homeowners another option.”

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