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New Hope for Chronic Illness Sufferers

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New Hope for Chronic Illness Sufferers

August 15
04:13 2020
New Hope for Chronic Illness Sufferers

Dr. Crystal Whisler DC, RN, CFMP
Functional Medicine for Life Offers Customized Approach to Healing

August 5, 2020 – Patients suffering from chronic illness are recovering to full health through advanced functional medicine, utilizing the customized approach created by Dr. Crystal Whisler. Where traditional medicine has been unable to uncover the root cause of patient issues, this innovative method uses a variety of modalities to determine what is the source of chronic issues and how best to alleviate them.

Functional medicine addresses the whole individual, not just the isolated symptoms, which is the typical approach of traditional medicine. Yet even functional medicine practitioners often use cookie-cutter protocols with superficial testing, overlooking what is really going on with the patient. Enter Dr. Whisler with her Healing 4 Life method to Uncover, Replenish, Restore and Purify, the proven path to ignite healing even if everything else has failed.

“Healing is inevitable once environment, lifestyle, and nutrition interventions are specifically targeted to your unique biochemistry and root causes,” explains Dr. Whisler. “This strategic approach unlocks the keys to healing and your highest potential.” 

She continues, “Most health programs fail due to the lack of individualization. My commitment is to provide insightful solutions to your entirely unique biochemical, metabolic, and genetic imbalances. We dive deep into your case using functional diagnostic laboratory assessments to analyze, understand, and restore your health.” 

Dr. Whisler DC, RN, CFMP is one of a few certified functional medicine practitioners in the United States.  She specializes in clinical nutrition, systems biology, epigenetics, and mind-body medicine. Dr. Whisler works with motivated individuals to resolve chronic health issues by clinically investigating the underlying causes of fatigue, thyroid issues, inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, and depression.

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She invites readers to download their free copy of the Insiders’ Guide to Navigating Inflammatory, Autoimmune, and Chronic Health Conditions at

For more information, contact Dr. Whisler at [email protected]

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