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New FPP Game Goner, Brings a New Take on the Classic Survival-Horror Genre.

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New FPP Game Goner, Brings a New Take on the Classic Survival-Horror Genre.

August 15
05:09 2020

Goner Focuses On the Concept of Survival Of the Fittest With Some Unforeseen Twists in the Mix That Will Have You on Edge Throughout the Game

Survival games are an extremely fun genre and many players enjoy taking on the challenge that they have to offer. This genre has created some great games, including Rust, Last Oasis and more. Goner joins the list of these games but it brings a new element of primal terror that has been sorely lacking in the survival genre. 

The game revolves around throwing the player into a new world, an undiscovered island that is populated with dinosaurs. But its not just lost worlds but lost cultures that are being re-discovered here as cave paintings, Mayan pyramids and rustic huts decorated with skulls show you that youre not alone. However, whether the residents of this island are friendly or hostile, you have to somehow survive and find your family. 

One of the best parts about Goner is that it offers an immersive gaming experience with a first person perspective (FPP) that makes a person feel like they are looking at things from their line of sight. It is a PC game that features an open-world setting, has character behaviors that are AI-driven and interactions that will truly test your current skills and push you to survive more. 

Apart from this aspect, Goner also offers two different modes – The survival mode is for those who like a challenge and want to see how long they can last. Your only goal is to survive or as many days as you can. You will be given buffs and rewards based on the progress you make and the days you manage to survive. 

The story mode, which focuses on the role of Anthony Sunders as he tries to find his mother and his expedition crew that are lost on a ghost island. Remember that the island it is not just exposure to the elements that will kill you but the inhabitants themselves. Additionally, learning how to craft is an important aspect to focus on. 

You can make weapons, clothes, blueprints and other items with the help of these resources, which are scattered, all across the island. Additionally, exposure to the elements is an aspect to look out for. Goner features real-world weather and you can expect it thunderstorms, lightening, foggy nights and days and even clear days. The game also has a day night cycle, requiring you to seek shelter, particularly during the night when nocturnal predators are on the prowl. 

Currently, you can get Goner by backing it on Kickstarter. Each pledge you make gives you different perks, particularly for your in-game experience. Moreover, you can get Goner at a discounted price with the help of the early bird discounts. After the project has been backed, Goner will be available at retail prices. 

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Country: Spain

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