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What did it take to survive the biggest war in history?

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What did it take to survive the biggest war in history?

August 15
01:40 2020
What did it take to survive the biggest war in history?

EDINA, Minn. – August 15, 2020 – World War II survivor and writer Hartmut Wegner chronicles a life of sacrifice and the inhumanity of a horrific time, in this first-hand account and powerful memoir, “Growing up German: Impacts from World War II”.

This stirring tale chronicles their journey to and their experience in Berlin, Germany where Hartmut accounts for his family’s traumatic experience and uprooted from their homes under the Nazi regime. The memoir follows the boy from the beginning of World War II in 1939, when the Nazis and Adolf Hitler started their march to conquer the world; through to the war’s end in 1945 and the recovery afterward; to the development in his teens in Berlin; and then to his immigration with his family to United States in 1954 at age twenty.

World War II was the biggest war to ever happen in history. It disrupted peace all over the world and destroyed and displaced the lives of innocent people. Among its victims was Wegner, and he narrates her family’s struggle for survival during this period of great turmoil.

This harrowing and heart-breaking novel yet full of enduring hope in the face of war, details accounts in a most explicable manner. Hooking each reader and sparking important ideas of history. Truly a compelling read like most diaries of war which needed to be told.

“Growing up German: Impacts from World War II”, narrates the numerous shocking experiences that had an emotional impact on the author’s young life. In addition to sharing his recollections, Wegner offers his opinions on World War II from his perspective later in life. Offering a straightforward first-hand account of the events in Germany during World War II.

Hartmut’s writing embodies a person who does not only dare to survive the war, to expose the dark secrets, but a person who perseveres to achieve the American dream. Hartmut brings the characters to life as real people rather than just names from the history books. Here you will find a full-account of history that represents the sprawling nature of the war, from focused perspectives on pivotal battles.

As many of us brace ourselves for a sustained period of isolation brought about by the pandemic, “Growing up German: Impacts from World War II” is a book you can read over and over again and never tire of its seriously delivered wisdom. Wegner brings nothing less than a thoroughly pleasurable read, recounting one of history’s deceptions that killed so many lives. This book does not disappoint.

“Growing up German: Impacts from World War II”
Written by Hartmut Wegner
Kindle | $3.99
Paperback | $9.95
Hardcover | $15.99
Book copies are available at Amazon, and other online book retailers

For more information, visit his website:

About the Author

Hartmut Wegner was born in Woltersdorf near Berlin, Germany, and grew up under the Nazi regime. Following his survival in the war, and being active for 9 years graduating from the strict German High School Abitur program, to mixing his growth as a sports star in bicycle racing, and immigrating to the United States — passing the Statue of Liberty in 1954. He continued bicycle racing and became a Minnesota State Champion in 1955 and 1956. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s Degree, major in Mathematics and minor in History. Subsequently, he spent many years with a major Minneapolis firm, gaining valuable business experience, and travelled for the next fifty years mostly on international countries for business making him a well-known expert in these endeavors with a considerable knowledge of foreign businessmen’s activities and cultures.

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