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MMC Explains the Advantages of Seychelles Registered Companies

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MMC Explains the Advantages of Seychelles Registered Companies

August 15
06:40 2020

Seychelles is located in the east of South Africa and an archipelago in the midwestern Indian Ocean. It has a simple yet flexible business structure and it is becoming the most important offshore center in Africa, so it is definitely perfect location for cross-border investment structure and foreign trade.

A prestigious international financial jurisdiction: Seychelles

Seychelles is made up of more than one hundred islands, and the country’s international airport is the best airport in the Indian Ocean region, both domestic and international telecommunications services are matured. In addition, the country is recognized as an international financial jurisdiction with a long history and high reputation. It provides a series of cutting-edge products for international companies and investors, such as offshore banking, investment and insurance services, etc. service. In addition to financial services, Seychelles has four other key industries: technology services, blue economy, tourism and agriculture. Among many key industries, tourism is the country’s primary economic pillar. 

The Seychelles Ministry of International Commerce has introduced a set of progressive laws to promote the establishment of overseas companies and other institutions and encourage foreign direct investment. The International Business Company Law (1994) is very similar to the International Business Company Law of the Bahamas. It provides international companies with tax exemption for corporate profits and capital appreciation from Seychelles.

Why choose to establish a company in Seychelles?

There are many advantages to registering a company in Seychelles. The most unique thing is that it can be registered in most international languages and can be expressed in more than 9 languages. The investment project report can also be in English and French. In addition, international business companies (IBC) are not taxed for business activities or transactions conducted outside the Republic of Seychelles. Overseas offshore companies are exempt from taxes in the Seychelles, including: all dividends, interest, rent, compensation, income from other securities, debt and other company income. In addition, overseas offshore companies have no inheritance tax and gift tax. At the same time, overseas offshore companies in the Seychelles are exempted from stamp duty on all operations. This is undoubtedly an enormous advantage for both international companies and investors themselves, because without paying any taxes, it does not only benefit, but also satisfies everyone’s flexibility in financial products.

In addition, Seychelles also has a regional advantage. After all, it is located in the center of the Indian Ocean, so it is closely connected to the main transportation hubs in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia by air. The country’s political and economic environment is in a stable state, the economy is growing day by day, it has a world-class financial center, and is not subject to foreign exchange restrictions. Seychelles, which is constantly seeking breakthroughs, is actively striving to become an international financial center in Africa. It focuses on offshore financial business. The Seychelles International Business Administration is responsible for guidance and supervision. The main types of business permitted by law include international business companies and special licensed company.

In the effort to attract foreign investment, the government of the country established the Seychelles Investment Board (Seychelles Investment Board) in July 2014, referred to as SIB, which is responsible for promoting and promoting domestic and foreign investment to achieve economic growth. In terms of foreign exchange, the Seychelles government lifted foreign exchange controls in November 2008, meaning that foreign exchange was allowed to be freely exchanged and the rupee floating exchange rate was implemented, which greatly improved the convertibility of the Seychellois rupee. Foreign companies and foreigners with residence permits can open foreign exchange accounts on their own. In addition, the Seychelles Investment Authority has its own team of experts responsible for guiding potential investors to assist in the entire process of establishing business in the country, and all of this is implemented to attract more foreign investment.

For foreign investment in the international trade zone, there are six other preferential policies. First, the company can choose not to disclose its financial accounts on the grounds of confidentiality. Second, the competent government departments can assist in handling matters such as foreign investment registration, business permits, work permits and customs declarations. Next, in addition to enjoying the tax-free preferential period of up to 25 years, the tax-free treatment of imported equipment, vehicles and consumer goods used in the region, foreign companies can also exempt various tax treatments in the course of business. In addition, foreign businessmen can also hire foreign labour without work permit and with social insurance tax exemption. However, the Seychelles government emphasizes that investment projects in the international trade zone must comply with export-oriented and Seychelles environmental protection standards.

MMC’s establishment in Seychelles

MMC is a well-known foreign exchange broker established in Seychelles

Since February 2018, under the coordination of Russia and the Seychelles Investment Board, MMC Chief Executive Officer Mr. Benjamin officially established the MMC DOMAIN RESOURCES LTD in the country together with the top Russian trading expert Mr. Filatov to venture into foreign exchange industry as a STP broker. Being an intermediary, all traders’ orders from MMC are sent directly to liquidity providers, banks and etc., the company profit through the spreads. As early as 2020, MMC Chief Executive Officer Mr. Benjamin and Mr. Filatov has begun to plan strategically. They invented the Advance Trading Commission (ATC) + Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) innovative model based on the existing foundation of capital pool. They aim to become the leader in global foreign exchange industry by providing the next generation investment products. By centralizing the fund management and distribute the according profit allocation, MMC will extract the spread as management fee. This creates a triple win situation where MMC, fund management team and retail investors are equally benefited!

For retail investors, MMC can provide the best solution to obtain continuous profits while minimizing risks. However, for MMC, the introduction of PAMM funds leads to an increase in standard lots of trading, which resulted that maintaining spread income became the primary priority of MMC! The Republic of Seychelles occupies a regional advantage, by utilizing its proximity to South Africa and Asia, MMC decided to formally enter the retail market of South Africa and Asia with its innovative global ATC + PAMM innovation model in the third quarter of 2020. Hanging onto the purpose of “YOUR PROFIT OUR PROMISE”, MMC officially unveiled a whole new chapter of the next generation foreign exchange industry!

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