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Personal Injury Law is Complex, Especially When it Involves the Processes of Trial Litigation

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Personal Injury Law is Complex, Especially When it Involves the Processes of Trial Litigation

August 17
17:58 2020

When an unfortunate circumstance happens that results in any type of personal injury, either mental or physical, only an attorney that specializes in personal injury law should be consulted as soon as possible. There is a statute of limitations in every state in the United States, and Alaska has its own. Attorney Michael J. Schneider who practices out of Anchorage, Alaska can represent clients throughout the entire litigation process thoroughly and effectively in Anchorage and surrounding areas. Whether a work injury, car accident injury, maritime mishap, wrongful death, malfeasance, and even helicopter mishap, with dozens of other types of negligence, even medical malpractice, a strong litigation attorney should be chosen. While many types of lawsuits are successfully filed by plaintiffs (the injured party), and are mediated successfully, an attorney such as Michael J. Schneider who is a strong litigator should be a priority in case settlement is not reached.

A defendant (the person who caused the damages/injuries) is represented by an insurance attorney.

This is standard practice and of course, any insurance attorney seeks to have the smallest monetary amount awarded. This is their job. However, while mediation or arbitration is quicker, these methods may not always be the wisest choice for a plaintiff. Other physical and mental problems that are not apparent at the time of settlement can crop up months or even years later and a good personal injury attorney knows this and should be prepared, competent enough, and knowledgeable enough to proceed to trial if there is even a hint of future damages. Settling too soon and too quickly can leave a plaintiff without much recourse if other problems appear after settlement. 

Experience is necessary above all else in personal injury litigation. 

The litigation process whether in front of a judge (which is the usual scenario), or in front of a jury, is a lengthy complex process that takes a lot of drive and commitment on the part of a personal injury attorney. While a settlement between parties can be reached in under a month if mediated and/or arbitrated, there is a chance that if a case goes to trial it can take up to three years or sometimes even longer. Any attorney who is “trial savvy” is needed in these cases. Many attorneys can be found that are great at the mediation and/or arbitration processes but do shy away from the actual trial experience. A conscientious attorney with knowledge and years of experience, should be chosen when facing a possible trial type of scenario. An attorney’s record of wins should also be examined before choosing as this does play a part in the favorable outcome for a plaintiff. There are thirteen different types of personal injury attorneys and litigators. Many attorneys in this field focus on several areas within this type of law and it is important to choose one that will meet a plaintiff’s needs entirely. Research and an initial consultation are always a good first step. 

About Attorney Michael J. Schneider

Attorney Schneider is the sole practitioner within his firm. His background is extensive in personal injury law and litigation. He practices now in the Anchorage, Alaska area and has been there since 1992. He passed the bar examination in 1975 and 100 % of his work is now in personal injury litigation. He has won millions of dollars in damages for plaintiffs. He offers a free consultation, has a chat line and contact for immediate assistance and questions, a phone and email and his own website at: He does have 40 years of proven trial experience and his case results can be viewed. There are articles for information.

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