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Family Law is More Necessary Now with the Added Stress Due to Quarantine

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Family Law is More Necessary Now with the Added Stress Due to Quarantine

August 17
18:05 2020

Family law is now more necessary than ever.  The burgeoning stress of the Pandemic has caused the fracturing of many families due to the quarantining they have suffered.  Long-standing problems came to the forefront for many couples and were exacerbated.  Like all other states, Illinois has seen an influx of divorce cases recently.  Many issues can erupt within families but with children stuck at home, tensions within families have been increasing.  Family law attorneys such as Michael S. Strauss, of Schlesinger & Strauss, LLC, located in Libertyville, Illinois, specializes in this type of law and stands ready to assist.  However, there is a new hindrance to divorce and family law as many judicial offices and courtrooms were closed also, leaving a now huge backlog of cases although this fluctuates as remote hearings can occur if arbitration and/or mediation is chosen. 

Mediation and/or arbitration only works if both parties can remain rational and agree. 

Now that the Pandemic stress has mounted, and with individuals working from home each day usually plus children underfoot, there is a very real expected surge in divorce and family law hearings in the future.  Parties would be wise to choose counseling first and if still wanting to proceed with divorce, contact a family law attorney like Michael S. Strauss as soon as possible at least for a consultation and to decide if mediation and/or arbitration is viable and can be done remotely in Illinois.  This will greatly speed up the process and save time, stress, energy and money for all parties involved. 

Arbitration is also called alternative dispute resolution.

Family law attorneys should be well versed in this as well as in mediation. Mediation is a non-binding agreement between parties that requires only one mediator and is generally less tense and stressful. Arbitration on the other hand, can involve several mediators on a panel when disputes are deeper and more complex issues. These types of disputes usually involve the settlement of property or joint monies as well as some types of child support payments or spousal support and the parties are less likely to be agreeable beforehand. Arbitration is binding once a judgment is passed. 

Consultations and research into family law attorneys should take place before entering disputes. 

Some divorce issues and disputes are severe and can need litigation. Litigation is tense, stressful, more costly and a good family law attorney will try to avoid it but sometimes it cannot be avoided. It is generally the last recommendation of an attorney but can be unavoidable where issues are deep, and the divide between the parties truly irreconcilable. A great deal of assets or property, when involved, can also suggest a need to go to the complex process of litigation. There are many factors to consider and many types of family law, from everyday divorce issues, to more complex situations such as military divorces and divorces that occur during imprisonment of one of the parties. 

There is no “one size fits all” approach to family law or divorce issues.

But only a knowledgeable, skilled attorney, like Michael S. Strauss can assist as thoroughly as possible and make the process more simple and less tense.  Couples can try a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach but this is never the best way to settle differences in divorce and family law.

About Michael S. Strauss

Attorney Strauss of Schlesinger & Strauss, LLC, is based in Libertyville, Illinois.  He passed the Illinois Bar Association decades ago and has practiced law in many fields.  His focus is now divorce and family law and he is a great mediator and arbitrator as well as child advocate. Michael Strauss is easy to contact via the website, through email, phone and an online form.

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