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Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney Takes Time and Research in Order to Hire the Best

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Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney Takes Time and Research in Order to Hire the Best

August 17
18:36 2020

Personal Injury cases are difficult and usually highly emotional types of civil actions. In extreme cases, some personal injury cases evolve into the realm of criminal actions. This is unusual however and takes a preponderance of evidence to prove that the personal injury was in fact intentional, and it must be intentional. This includes intentional negligence. Because of the wide variety of types of personal injury law, it becomes imperative then to seek out the best possible personal injury attorney possible.  Many attorneys specialize also in certain types of personal injury law, such as Scott R. Toner, ESQ, of Tampa Bay, Florida. He has been serving this area and the Central Florida region since 2011. He primarily specializes in automobile accidents, product liability, and premises accidents and injuries. These types of cases are generally specific and take a great deal of research before proceeding with a lawsuit. The history of events leading up to the personal injury is important and may take many consultations with a client before initiating proceedings. The individual filing a lawsuit is the plaintiff and the accused individual is the defendant. The defendant can defend themselves but primarily it is usually insurance companies that represent them. 

Florida’s statute of limitations is four years from the time of perceived accident or injury.

Attorney Toner brings his knowledge of insurance company law to the table as he did practice insurance company defense for quite some time. He knows the “ins and outs” of insurance company procedures and therefore makes a great advocate for his client.Scott now uses this knowledge to assist plaintiffs who have been injured by accidents, generally automobile, by products, or while on a premise, either a job site, or a personal residential home or even on the grounds of a hospital or any other type of institution.Although many times negotiation occurs with a settlement, Attorney Toner also is not afraid of the challenges of trial litigation and is prepared and experienced in that field also. 

A good personal injury attorney will account not just for the present but the future. 

Not all injuries are apparent immediately. Some types of mental or physical injuries can surface months or years after the date of injury. Enough monetary gain must be awarded to account for any future medical expenses and future suffering. As injured individuals age, any type of injury not apparent at first can present itself at any time in a person’s lifetime because of the aging process. Personal injury attorneys should account for these types of circumstances in their overall plan and the amount of settlement they seek.  A client may also seem to be recovering nicely only to find that they experience setbacks in the future. 

About Scott R. Toner

Scott R. Toner, ESQ. has been practicing law since 2003, started out by defending insurance companies against claims but since 2011 has focused on representing plaintiffs usually in cases of product and premise liability and car accident cases.  He is a partner in Toner and Ramirez, P. A.  and serves the Tampa Bay and South-Central areas of Florida.  The website: has a phone number and a form as well as a map of service areas as well as information on all services and his credentials.

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