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StarLanka Expands Aquamarine Stone Inventory Online

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StarLanka Expands Aquamarine Stone Inventory Online

August 18
00:48 2020
StarLanka Expands Aquamarine Stone Inventory Online
StarLanka has a long-standing recognition in the industry for the quality of its gems. One of the favorites is the Beryl family gem known as aquamarine.

StarLanka is pleased to announce the expansion of its inventory of the popular aquamarine stone. This natural gemstone is usually a blue color and is a member of the Beryl family of stones. The shades of blue range from light to a deep intense blue, which is the highest value. Until relatively recently, the principal mining location was Brazil; recent changes in local include Mozambique, Madagascar, and India. The stone is the birthstone for March and is linked to water and the sea.

The gem is a favorite of jewelers because of the color. They are also favored by royal families, including the United Kingdom royals. In the Asian markets, the stone is related to feng shui properties. Because of their crystalline formation, aquamarines are typically cut in a rectangular shape, which is suitable to best capture light. The angles of the cut allow the crystals to show off their colors with more intensity. 

Some of the properties associated with the gem are for calming waves and protect sailors. The people in Medieval times believed that aquamarines were an antidote for poison and as a cure for jow, throat, liver, and stomach problems. They were also believed to help with relieving hiccups and sleeplessness. As jewelry, the gems can be presented as healing stones, cabochons, cat’s eye, and birthstone settings. When looking for these stones online, the emphasis should be more on the colour and less on the clarity of the gem. 

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StarLanka has been many years in the industry and has gained expertise in resizing, reshaping, and polishing gemstones. The company presents the highest quality of the precious stone in its online catalog. The company has an in-house expert Lapidary with access to state-of-the-art equipment for the best possible results.

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Company Name: Starlanka
Address:919/604 Jewelry Trade Center, 50th Floor, Silom Road
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Country: Thailand

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