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Florida Artist, Vaga Baby is Keeping Calm During the Pandemic

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Florida Artist, Vaga Baby is Keeping Calm During the Pandemic

August 18
01:45 2020

MIAMI – With the nationwide panic occurring as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a rare sight to see someone remaining calm. That calmness comes from hip-hop artist Vaga Baby. Vaga Baby sits in his Coconut Grove condominium and is relaxed. “God has always blessed me,” he says as he prepares to go on Facebook Live. Vaga Baby has been providing funds to those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. When asked his reasoning, Vaga Baby exclaims “If I am being blessed… I am going to share those blessings.” 

The blessing that Vaga Baby describes stems from his newly found success. A chance encounter with Baton Rouge native OG Boobie Black led to a meeting with the CEO of Bread Winners Association. The aforementioned CEO is “2 Phones” rapper Kevin Gates. Vaga Baby explains that Gates took an immediate liking to him. “We both faced prison time,” explains Vaga Baby. The legal turbulence served as a commonality between the two. The bond with Gates is something new to Vaga Baby. Vaga Baby explains that he was offered a lopsided record deal with a Houston-based record label. He ultimately turned the deal down and cut ties with the Houston-based record label. “I would not have been able to bless anyone if I had taken that deal,” says Vaga Baby. Vaga Baby describes the deal as an 80/20 percent deal. Vaga Baby explained that he would only receive 20% of the revenue that he generated. “I am not going to work for 20% of my worth,” explains Vaga Baby. The dispute with the Houston-based record label executive reached its culmination in a now viral video showing Vaga Baby confronting the executive. “The whole situation was messed up,” says Vaga Baby. Vaga Baby explains “I am happy with where I am at  now. Everything happens for a reason.”

Vaga Baby is a Fort Myers native. Vaga Baby explains that the city has influenced him and his music. “Fort Myers has been an inspiration to me,” says Vaga Baby. “I have to give back to my city…it’s my city,” explains Vaga Baby. Vaga Baby explains that he grew up in poverty. He recalls his mother working 3 jobs. “I remember the struggle so vividly. I will do everything in my power to help those in need…especially at a time like this.” The idea to start the COVID-19 “blessings” program came to Vaga Baby after witnessing the long lines at the Soup Kitchen of Fort Myers on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. 

Vaga Baby explains that he is looking for a cure for COVID-19. Vaga Baby explains “My mother always told me that happiness is the best medicine. Blessings lead to happiness.” Vaga Baby states “People are depressed right now. My hometown of Fort Myers was hit hard. I want to do my best to help.” Vaga Baby explains that his success will be the success of his people. 

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