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Be Aware Of The Invisible Problem of Dirty Ducts

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Be Aware Of The Invisible Problem of Dirty Ducts

August 18
02:15 2020
Be Aware Of The Invisible Problem of Dirty Ducts

Joel Mitchell, Owner of All American Home Service
Local business owner passionate about taking care of the entire home.

by Jim Kedge

JUNEAU, AKWhen something is out of sight, it’s easy to forget about it. Kids shove their toys and mess in their closet and think their room is clean. Dirty laundry piles up in the laundry room until there is a mountain of clothes to tackle. Weeds grow in the garden underneath plants until they poke through, revealing their vast numbers. Dealing with things that aren’t visible is critical yet commonly overlooked.

Houses have invisible issues, as well. According to Joel Mitchell, Reader’s Choice Award Best Plumber and owner of All American Home Service, homes in Juneau have a major unseen problem. “There are no companies in Juneau that offer duct cleaning services,” Mitchell states. “This means that unless people have the tools, skills, and time to do this themselves, there are filthy ducts throughout our community.”

All of the dust that shows up in a home is just a part of what is present in a house’s ducts. “The fur from pets, hair from a family member, dirt from shoes, and particles from the skin all collect inside your ducts,” explains Mitchell. “That stuff adds up over the years to create a massive mess of odors, allergens, and general unpleasantness.” When furnaces start blowing air, they also blow out some of the contents in the ductwork. This transfer results in dust build-up, diminishing air quality, and an increase in allergic reactions for sensitive family members.

“One of the things people might notice if they have years of build-up in their ducts are bad smells in their home,” says Mitchell. “If someone comes home after being away for the day, or from a week of vacation, there can be a musty or old smell in their home. These sorts of smells are a good sign that there are dirty ducts.” Odors stick to surfaces and linger for extended periods. Homeowners clean up other surfaces in their homes to remove smells but don’t often think about the inside of ducts.

Mitchell recommends ducts get cleaned every five to seven years. Regular maintenance can help increase the life and maximize the efficiency of a heating system. “These devices we depend on are just like any other,” says Mitchell. “When they get jammed up with gunk, they have to work harder. “

“Our company, All American Home Service, is offering duct cleaning for the first time in Juneau,” Mitchell proudly declares. “If people wonder whether duct cleaning could work for them, I would urge them to give us a call. We are looking forward to serving our community in this way and helping make homes safer and more comfortable.”

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