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Top Miami Dentist Reveals his Unique Approach to Teeth

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Top Miami Dentist Reveals his Unique Approach to Teeth

October 21
11:02 2020

A top Miami dentist has created a unique dental practice combining the latest in dental technology with Cosmetic / Holistic approach.

Dr. Lipovetskiy launched this special practice designed to help his patients with their overall health, not just their teeth.

Dr. Lipovetskiy, as he is known by his patients and staff, has almost 30 years of experience in dentistry and two degrees in his specialist field. He has spent years studying the links between teeth and someone’s overall health. He has now taken that knowledge to provide a modern cosmetic and holistic dental clinic – Advanced Dental Wellness Center.

He said: “In 2012 my approach to dentistry changed. I met a doctor who showed me how the health of your teeth is linked to your overall health. He used special electronic equipment to assess and analyze my teeth. He found a dead nerve under one of my teeth and that it was inflamed. The tooth had not bothered me before, but this inflammation was having a knock-on impact on my body.

“He also told me more about the dangers of mercury fillings on your health, particularly your immune system. He would not let me work with him unless I removed my mercury fillings and sorted out the inflammation around my dead nerve. I had some of the best dental training in the world, but this was a whole new approach for me.

“This experience and these learnings from this great doctor led me to research and study holistic medicine in more detail and now I am using the latest in dental technology and holistic medicine together to help my patients be the best they can be,” he added.

Dr. Lipovetskiy does not use any mercury fillings with his patients. He associates each tooth or sets of two or three teeth with different organs in the body and a problem with a particular tooth could represent a problem with a particular organ. He strongly believes that healthy mouth means a health body.

He added: “When people come into our practice, we will do a thorough analysis of their whole health. I am not just there to diagnose a problem with their teeth, sort it out and then send them on their way. I want to create a personalized plan for my patients so they are getting the very best for their teeth and their overall health.

“Here is just one example of how I help people by asking more questions about their health and wellness, rather than just focusing on their mouth. Many people who have snoring problems will go to the doctor for help, but snoring is most often associated with the position of your jaw. Who better to help than your dentist? I will address snoring problems by working with a patient’s teeth and jaw,” he added.

About Advanced Dental Wellness Center

The practice is based in Miami, Florida. It was founded by Dr. Lipovetskiy who wanted to use a combination of modern dentistry techniques with holistic medicine – looking at a patient’s overall health rather than just their teeth. The clinic provides a whole range of treatments and dental procedures, from teeth whitening and porcelain veneers to bridges and braces.

Media Contact
Company Name: Advanced Dental Wellness Center
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Phone: 954-525-5662
Address:104 SE 1st St.
City: Fort Lauderdale
State: Florida 33301
Country: United States

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