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Caribbean Mom Reverses Obesity in 7-year-old Using Sugar-Cutting Hack Made by Truitful Drinks.

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Caribbean Mom Reverses Obesity in 7-year-old Using Sugar-Cutting Hack Made by Truitful Drinks.

August 02
13:03 2021
Truitful, a Healthier Juice Drink for Kids, Made the Difference.

When doctors told Anne-Marie Davis her 7-year-old daughter Lisa was obese she was devastated. “I felt like I failed at my job as mother.” Davis says. For years Davis buckled to her daughter’s cravings for sugary drinks and it was Lisa’s poor nutrition and lack of exercise that ultimately led to her ominous obese diagnosis.

“The Caribbean exhibits some of the highest rates of childhood obesity globally,” Maisha Hutton, Executive Director of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition, a Caribbean Non-Communicable Diseases alliance of over 100 organizations told Forbes Magazine recently. “Excessive consumption of sweet beverages is one the major drivers of obesity and diabetes, yet most Caribbean children are still consuming carbonated drinks loaded with sugars on a daily basis,” continues Hutton.

But Anne-Marie figured out a smart way to drastically lower her daughter’s sugar intake without little Lisa protesting. “I replaced all the sugary juice drinks she was consuming with Truitful.”

Truitful has 30% fruit juice, no added sweeteners, and up to 75% less sugar than most children’s drinks available in the region.” says Marcos Dabdoub Jr., the creator of Truitful Drinks. “The younger the child the easier it is to intervene and so we use popular cartoon characters on the packaging to make it a fun option for kids. And, unlike plain water, Truitful delivers Vitamins A, C & E for immune support.” Dabdoub added.

After several months of substituting sugary drinks for Truitful and getting 7-year-old Lisa involved in an after-school exercise program, she has lost most of the excess weight and is no longer considered obese. “Kids today are consuming way too much sugar. As parents we need to use all the tricks at our disposal to win the war against sugar.” Davis says. “I’m grateful that products like Truitful exist on store shelves. It makes my job as the sugar-police a whole lot easier.”

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