A new technology is coming, what’s the big move for Greenland?

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A new technology is coming, what’s the big move for Greenland?

August 25
22:15 2021

Recently, the design department of Greenland has been rocking the boat in a secret way.

The team sat around pointing at the computer screen. 

This is it!

3D modeling technology! 

Source: 3D style official website


Greenland are proud to announce that Greenland is the first fashion design company in Shijiazhuang to promote 3D modeling technology and gradually apply it to design.

In fact, the domestic industry for clothing 3D technology utilization rate is not high.

Although there are more and more reports and publicity related to this technology, there is not much real understanding and application, which is obvious to all.

Greenland made a bold attempt in this respect, taking the lead in stepping into the ranks of the first company in Shijiazhuang to enter the combination of clothing and 3D modeling technology.

The effect of providing customers with sample clothes online will be within reach.

Unlike the previous pure manual drawing, customers can complete the replacement of different fabrics through fingertip operation, feel the different texture brought by different fabrics, and all kinds of parameters of cloth and material are in people’s hands.

Mu Weiwei, the head of Greenland design department, also has his own view on this point.

1. Many enterprises that have introduced this technology are accumulating their own model pools in order to respond more quickly to the market.

2. People have to admit that it is very convenient, clothing people must have deep feelings, with it, people can achieve a clothing from the concept to the “realization” of the whole process.

3. In addition, the efficiency has also been improved, which is loved by both individuals and enterprises, and the error rate of the pattern has been greatly reduced.

More intuitive, more systematic, more detailed, more convenient.

Greenland has always adhered to the product concept: to meet customer needs, which Greenland wants partners to feel.

More professional, more meticulous, Greenland will also do better.

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