Businessman Kunal Mehta shares his growth journey in the entrepreneurship world

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Businessman Kunal Mehta shares his growth journey in the entrepreneurship world

October 15
20:57 2021
Businessman Kunal Mehta shares his growth journey in the entrepreneurship world

Success leaves clues. Find someone who has exactly what you want, do what they do and you will have exactly what they have, Every. Single. Time.’ This is one of the important lessons that Kunal Mehta has learned on his road to entrepreneurial success.

Kunal was born in Mumbai, India, grew up in Dubai, and later moved to Toronto Canada by age 11. Living in different places has given Kunal the edge on how people tick. 

In Toronto, Mehta’s first job was selling telecommunication services door to door. In his early days of work, Mehta quickly realized that being your own boss has its own merits.

‘I realized that working a job was not something for me. The idea of working a job, working for someone else didn’t sit well with me. Helping someone bring their dreams to reality while you help them was not something I wanted to do. I always believed in building an EMPIRE. I have always had the vision of creating generational wealth.‘

Kunal discovered the virtues of optimizing online sales very early on and quickly educated himself in the very best technologies to propel his career forward at a rapid pace.

Today, he is a Professional Trader in the foreign exchange market and a brand strategist that helps entrepreneurs grow their brand and online presence. He teaches anyone keen enough to become his client, how to use digital tools to optimize their online presence and their sales.  Mehta’s objective is to help entrepreneurs build their brand and credibility to new heights and generate increased monthly revenue.

When asked how his business goals help people he said,

‘It helps people scale and promotes their business globally versus doing it locally. I have always believed in expansion always, In All Ways.

Mehta is growing his business globally and currently, the majority of his clients are in Canada, the United States, and the UK. World Domination is at the top of his priority list.

‘I aim to open a hedge fund in the long run because that is what I feel I was put on earth to do. I believe that God has put a vision in everyone’s life and I strongly believe that is why I am here.‘

Despite his best intentions, like many who set out to do big things, Kunal has had some hard lessons along the way.

‘I have trusted many wrong people in the past, which has led me to make bad decisions, being around people who didn’t have the best intentions for me. Which in turn wasted a lot of my time. But I believe that to achieve greatness you have to go through that. You have to go through adversity, you have to go through the tough lessons to reach the top.’

Kunal strongly believes that the environment we cultivate for ourselves is a mirror of our mental attitude.

‘It’s about having a vision when you’re an entrepreneur. Working a job doesn’t require having a vision, it requires having a deadline. I have always had a vision for what I want and for where I want to go.’

Mehta wakes up with a growth mindset daily, He rightly believes that whatever you focus on, grows. A typical day for him starts at 6 am with his trading day. He trades the London and New York crossover session until 11 am. After that, he goes into a hardcore workout session. Kunal was always the skinny kid on the block and one day, he decided to change the negative energy he felt and pour it into his physical growth. He has now incorporated that mindset into everything he does. Once he has packed on some more muscle, he heads back to work with a confidence boost and completes his day working on his many other business projects.

Kunal’s inner growth is just as intense as his outer physical growth. He works his brain just as hard, if not harder than his body. When asked what he does in his spare time he said –

‘I spend time reading and doing personal self-development. I have always believed that your income will always be the outcome of how much time you put into yourself.‘

Kunal Mehta can be found inspiring the masses through his Instagram page @the.kunalmehta 

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