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Savannah Rae Announces the Launch of Mindset and Spiritual Coaching for Angel Moms

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Savannah Rae Announces the Launch of Mindset and Spiritual Coaching for Angel Moms

November 01
23:59 2021
Savannah Rae Coaching, life-changing coaching “by an angel mom, for an angel mom,” starting Monday, November 1, 2021.

November 1, 2021 – Dover, Delaware – “So many women suffer in silence for far too long because not enough people step up & cover us in our greatest time of need!” – Savannah Rae.

Savannah Rae is pleased to announce on November 1, 2021, the launch of her coaching business, Savannah Rae Coaching – Mindset and Spiritual Coaching for Angel Moms. Savannah’s mission is to assist mothers who have experienced infant loss in breaking the cycle of grief so that they can take a powerful and purposeful step forward in their healing. Savannah uses holistic coaching and mindset tactics to assist other Angel Moms in releasing their guilt, redefing their self-worth, and reclaiming their power following infant loss (including miscarriage).

As an Angel Mom herself, Savannah understands what it feels like to be alone in your grief and seemingly forgotten in your pain. Savannah gets the frustration of being asked, “When are you going to try again?” and the callous way others wave away tears, as well as the concerns involved with the prospect of ever going through that again.

Moreover, Savannah understands what it’s like to be free of the sorrow, guilt, anger, resentment, fear, and a slew of other feelings that only another Angel Mom could comprehend. But, more importantly, she recognizes your strength even if she doesn’t know who you are, and she asserts that together, “we can make sure that you know it, feel it, and live in that powerful place too!”

Savannah will support other Angel Moms holistically with the development of Savannah Rae Coaching. The program emphasizes the importance of emotional support from one Angel Mom to another while working through the emotional toll of infant loss and what life may become when real healing occurs. 

Savannah collaborates with clients to get to a place of acceptance after the unthinkable happens. Building on that, Savannah guides other Angel Moms to forgiveness, and ultimately to a place of new purpose where she feels, “The greatest thing that you can do for your life and to honor the life of your baby, is to re-define who you are, find strength, and reconnect with a purpose that’s much bigger, higher, and more inspirational than you.” 

Savannah also stresses that the healing process does not occur in a linear fashion. As a result, the Savannah Rae Coaching method is equivalent to spiritual coaching in that it is heart-centered and allows everyone to flow through the process as needed to connect with mind, body, and spirit in a healthy way to move forward one step at a time in a compassionate and supportive environment. As Savannah states, “I want to help you understand and finally let go of those spaces that hold you stuck in your pain and guide you through a path of change so that you can move forward and truly be the person you were meant to be.”

About Savannah Rae Coaching:

Savannah Rae, a Former PhD Candidate and Corporate Trainer, is a Dover, Delaware-based Mindset & Empowerment coach. She’s also an Army Veterans Spouse and an Angel Mom. Her world was turned upside-down when she gave birth to a Micro-preemie, weighing only 1lb 2oz at 23 weeks into her pregnancy. Yet, her life was permanently changed when she lost that little girl just 3 days shy of turning six months old. Savannah has taken that loss and, using the insights she’s gained, as well as her talents and knowledge as a coach, is now helping other Angel Moms on their journey to healing and rediscovering their life’s purpose.

Savannah Rae Coaching – Mindset and Spiritual Coaching for Angel Moms will begin operations on November 1, 2021. The one-of-a-kind coaching service takes an integrated approach to healing, emphasizing the value of emotional support from one Angel mom to another in order to work through the emotional toll of infant loss, including anger, bitterness, rage, fear, helplessness, heartache, overwhelming guilt, and what life can become when Angel Moms truly heal after loss.


To find out more about Savannah Rae Coaching – Mindset and Spiritual Coaching for Angel Moms, or to schedule a coaching session, please contact her via her website today.


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