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Welcome To Beyond Luxe Living A Prestigious Addition To The Savvy Investor’s Portfolio

Betsa Group is delighted to announce a planning application that has now been submitted for Beyond Luxe Living luxury student accommodation. Comprising of twenty-eight highly desirable one-bedroom apartments. – No

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Here’s How Astro Africa Limited Became the Quickest Gift Trading Platform in Ghana and Nigeria

August 25, 2021 – Astro Africa Limited has become the fastest gift card trading platform in Ghana and Nigeria. While traders typically have to deal with multiple issues with exchanging

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“Panchal Plastic” is one of the best manufacturers of plastic recycling Machines

Panchal Plastic is concentrated specially in the turn of development, planning and manufacture of recycling plants for the plastics – elastic recycling and handling industry from last 40+ Years.  

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Jinbo Rides Says the Perks of An Amusement Park Makes Them Proud to Be in The Industry

August 25, 2021 – The amusement industry has become a popular trend in tourism, which has led to an increase in theme parks across the world. Many companies have paid

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Luminous ceramic tile applied to the construction of Tibetan temples

High performance inlaid luminous tiles are updated, the products are more weather resistant and the tiles are more solid Luminous ceramic

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A new technology is coming, what’s the big move for Greenland?

Recently, the design department of Greenland has been rocking the boat in a secret way. The team sat around pointing

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Commodity Plastics Market Value to Reach $866.79 billion by 2028

Commodity Plastics – Global Market Outlook (2020-2028) According to the new market research report “Global Commodity Plastics Market Outlook 2021-2028

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Signage Market SWOT analysis and Key Business Strategies, Demand & Forecast 2021 – 2031

Signage Market 2021 Analysis and Review: Signage Market by Product Type – In-store Signage and Outdoor Signage for 2021-2031 The

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Femtech Market Growth Probability, Leading Vendors and Future Scenario up to 2031

Femtech Market 2021 Analysis and Review: Femtech Market by Service – Diagnostics, Monitoring, and Therapeutic for 2021 – 2031 Femtech

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Sodium Hydroxide Market Demand,Size, Share, Key Players, Growth Trend and Forecast 2021–2031

Sodium Hydroxide Market 2021 Analysis and Review: Sodium Hydroxide Market by Product Type – Lye and Flakes for 2021 –

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August 2021