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Giga Society, The world’s most exclusive high I.Q. society

United Giga Society is the most exclusive high range IQ society for those who scored IQ 190 SD15 on the high range IQ test. Intelligence has been a controversial topic

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The Real World Genius Directory, Global Genius Directory

GLOBAL GENIUS DIRECTORY is Who’s Who of the World with high IQ above 170. IQ is a problematic measure of intelligence. Many have never been tested, while others have taken

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HP Roofing Dublin Partners With Social Gravitew Website Launch

Ireland’s leading roofing company, HP Roofing Dublin, announces partnership with Social Gravity, a renowned provider of digital marketing solutions to launch their new website HP Roofing Dublin has grown over

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YouTuber Caroline Mwelu Mwandiku Happy To Stand Up for Rights of The Helpless

A YouTube Channel dedicated to helping the poor and those in need of donations and charitable work. Caroline Mwelu Mwandiku through her YouTube channel, – True Kindness is eager to

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The Paver Company Changing the Back Yard Landscape in Sacramento

Based in Sacramento, The Paver Company Installs all kinds of paver stones, synthetic turf, and concrete blocks. They offer excellent

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Naresh Bynagari shares his secrets of success through work and life

Pressure explodes pipes but also makes diamonds. The impact of pressure on performance can be depicted using a curve that

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USI Money Provides Unique Foreign Exchange Solutions for Businesses

USI Money offers bespoke foreign exchange services in the UK. They serve both corporate and individual clients. Whether one is

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The Perfect Landlord: 7 Ways to Cherish Your Clients By Mike Charbonneau

Slumlords, landlords from hell, mean, nasty, and the list goes on. These negative labels are often associated with landlords, but

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IAIDL To Extend Their Reach To More Countries Worldwide

Providers of AI Certification, IAIDL, announces plans to expand their services across the globe The team at International AI Driving

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Singer-Songwriter Patrick Tabaks To Release Debut Album ‘Lost My Mind’ In September 17th

Patrick Tabaks was busy readying his debut album Lost My Mind for release in September. The 17-year-old singer-songwriter spent much of 2020

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October 2021