Offentee Strives To Provide The Opportunity To Make One Of Their Many Buyers A Millionaire In Exchange For Purchasing Their Thought Provoking Tees!

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Offentee Strives To Provide The Opportunity To Make One Of Their Many Buyers A Millionaire In Exchange For Purchasing Their Thought Provoking Tees!

October 15
13:38 2019

A new Bay Area Startup called Offentee wants to build a free speech community and mint new millionaires for members who buy their quirky tees.

“We wanted to build a company that would annoy and irritate the easily offended, passive-aggressive, politically correct bullies that are smothering our ability to speak freely,” said W.Bernard, CEO of Offentee.

CEO and Co-founder, W. Bernard, had become increasingly annoyed by the attacks on Free Speech from what he calls, “The easily offended bullies.” Mr. Bernard felt that political correctness ‘has been weaponized and designed to suppress free speech by special interest groups who seek to control what we can and cannot say’.

Mr. Bernard was not exactly sure of just how to go about defending the rights of people to speak their minds then in the year 2016, the unthinkable happened. The current President of the United States came to office.

A lifelong Independent, Mr. Bernard saw in the 45th President of the United States, a man who was unapologetic about speaking his mind. Mr. Bernard realized that the US President’s bombastic style connected with millions of voters who put the reality television star into the Oval Office as their Free Speech champion. That was just the spark Bernard needed. After a few years of iteration, trial, and error, Offentee was born. Offentee, short for ‘Offend-tees,’ would be a company selling high-quality tees with fun and provocative “Facts” printed on the back. Offentee would give people an effective tool to push back against political correctness advocates from both parties.

As Mr. Bernard puts it, “Whether someone agrees with you or not, no one should seek to suppress or intimidate you from expressing your honest opinions, right or wrong. That’s the bedrock of our Democracy and everyone must defend it!” Luckily, as chance would have it, Bernard happened to share his concept with a total stranger in a local coffee shop. The stranger loved his idea and passion. That stranger also happened to be an investor.

With funding in place from his new business partner, Mr. Bernard was able to build a team of writers dedicated to his mission. Bernard felt his company needed something extra to attract consumers. That is when his business partner suggested that anyone who buys a T-shirt would automatically be entered into Offentee’s ‘True Millionaire Program.’ Offentee will factor into taxes owed to the IRS to make sure one of their members becomes a “true millionaire.” For those who believe that they all have the right to express their opinions in public without fear of retaliation, an unlikely champion in a T-shirt company with a mission and a quirky name – Offentee – has just been found.

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