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MobiusTrend: WIMI’s Hologram Technology Changes Traditional Digital Display

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MobiusTrend: WIMI’s Hologram Technology Changes Traditional Digital Display

August 18
02:51 2020

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘WIMI’s Hologram Technology Changes Traditional Digital Display‘. With the development of IT, the digital transformation of exhibition halls has become a worldwide trend in exhibition design. Digital halls such as “Digital Forbidden City” and “Digital Dunhuang” have shocked us unprecedentedly. With the movie Avatar’s release, 3D technology has really stepped into the lives of the public. Holographic technology in digital interpretation is breathtaking.

The digital exhibition hall integrates multimedia creativity, breaks the space-time limit of the traditional exhibition hall. Meanwhile, it presents the design mode of combining both virtual and real exhibition content, making the exhibition has a sense of science and technology.

WIMI Digital Exhibition Hall is also called the Multimedia Digital Exhibition Hall. The holographic presentation technology of WIMI can create a virtualized integrated space presentation for the theme pavilion. Meanwhile, it also can assist in building a theme pavilion with a clear theme and excellent effect, which incorporates interaction, presentation, art, and education.

The holographic cloud HCDP online exhibition platform comprehensively transplanted the sense of reality + interaction and social attributes of offline exhibitions to build a new ecology of online exhibitions. Combined with the IP operation capability of the holographic cloud platform, the IP theme will be used for offline commercial holographic exhibitions.

The digital exhibition hall displayed by WIMI is different from other traditional exhibition halls. Digital exhibition halls generally have the main control system to control the classification, aggregation, reorganization, switching, etc. of all items. Most of the projects in the digital exhibition hall are controlled by gestures, motion capture and other interactive means, so the digital exhibition hall focuses on the interaction with users. This enhances the interest of the entire exhibition hall. Many projects are presented by means of information interactions, such as face recognition or photo generation. This not only improves the interactivity, but also plays a role in collecting user information.

The digital application of WIMI has been extended to all walks of life in the digital exhibition hall, including holographic shopping experience, holographic live broadcasting, holographic conference, holographic government various thematic exhibition halls, holographic online holographic exhibition application, and holographic IP business exhibition. For example, the digital exhibition hall of the memorial hall, which combines various interactive multimedia exhibition items with the theme and high-tech audio-optoelectronic display means, leaving a more direct impression on visitors. The digital exhibition hall of science and technology museum reproduces the history, characters, and objects of the past, allowing visitors to experience an intriguing journey of technology and culture as if going back in time. The digital exhibition hall of enterprise pavilion integrates enterprise culture into digital multimedia exhibition items and digital content exhibition, creating an interactive digital exhibition hall of enterprise pavilion with distinct enterprise personality.

The digital display has dramatically surpassed the traditional display mode both in content and effect, and has completely exceeded the scope of traditional display in the application field. At present, it has been widely used in real estate display, digital city, historic site restoration, virtual tour, special effects of events, project rehearsal, and industrial simulation. The content of the display has broken through the limitations of time, space, and form. In the future, its application areas will only be limited by people’s imagination.

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