Repiping Services Are Available in Kirkland, WA

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Repiping Services Are Available in Kirkland, WA

November 18
06:21 2020
Repiping Services Are Available in Kirkland, WA

The home’s plumbing system has an important job. However, just like any other home system, it will not last forever. At some point, repairs and repiping may be necessary.

Repiping is when old or damaged pipes are replaced with new materials. Sometimes, only a section of pipe needs to be replaced, but in other situations, the entire plumbing system needs repiping. The team at Apollo Plumbing can provide more information and insight into how much of the plumbing system needs service.

As a homeowner, it is important to get to know the signs that repiping is necessary. While service providers like can let the homeowner know, it is still a good idea to know the signs of an issue. Keep reading to learn what those signs are.

The Presence of Rust in the Water

If the inside of a pipe is corroded or rusty, the flakes may begin to enter the home through the faucets. This results in homeowners seeing rust-colored water.

If the discoloration is only present with hot water, the rust is likely in the water heater, rather than the pipes. However, this is still an issue that must be dealt with immediately. In most cases, a new water heater should be installed, which is another service offered by

Leaks or Corrosion

Sometimes, leaks are able to be fixed with welding or a similar fix. However, if leaks continue to pop up in the same pipe, it is probably because the pipe is weak or dealing with some other flaw.

If someone notices any rust or corrosion on a pipe, then it will only be a matter of time before a leak occurs. It is actually a good thing if corrosion is detected before leaks occur because it lets a person repipe their home before they have to deal with flooding and mold because of a serious plumbing leak.

The Use of Lead Pipes

Lead pipes are no longer allowed in new construction. This is due to the serious health risk they pose. If someone still lives in an older home and the original plumbing system is in place, it is a good idea to schedule an inspection. A Plumber can determine if lead pipes are being used and recommend replacing them. Repiping services can fix this issue and restore safety to the home and for those who live there.

Additional Issues to Watch 

There may be other problems that indicate repiping is necessary. The one way to know for sure is by calling the professionals for an inspection. Keep in mind though, that repiping is not the only solution and a plumber can help homeowners decide the best way to ensure their plumbing system operates effectively and efficiently.

When it comes to repiping, there is a lot to consider. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to make sure the right decision is made and that the home’s plumbing system does not suffer serious issues that can lead to leaks and damage in the future.

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