“Prayers of My Mother: Volume I” New Book by Carolyn L. Austin – Proof That Faith is the Only Need

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“Prayers of My Mother: Volume I” New Book by Carolyn L. Austin – Proof That Faith is the Only Need

November 21
09:48 2020

Prayers of My Mother: “Tiny pieces of faith to help you believe He is there for you. All you need is faith.” by Carolyn L. Austin is a unique way to reconnect with God and celebrate faith in the modern day. It allows readers to take a thought-provoking look at the words of Scripture and apply them to present-day life. Prayers of My Mother is designed to give readers from all walks of life hope; and teach them that it only takes a little bit of faith to believe that prayer changes things. It also presents readers with a different perspective regarding life’s challenges and offers realistic guidance to help readers heal and focus on what is important in their lives.

To talk more about how this project began, the author sat down to share her motivations and inspirations.

“Prayers of My Mother simply began with a desire to help a friend going through a really bad divorce. ‘Prayer Share,’ my daily devotional, began when I responded to her need for prayer. Previously, it was my Mother who helped her and others through prayer whenever they were struggling with life’s trials and tribulations. When I began helping that one friend, it expanded to my helping many friends and others who desired daily inspiration. It was their heartfelt appreciation and genuine feedback for the Prayer Share that led me to write Prayers of My Mother.

Prayers of My Mother is not only a book, but my legacy! It was clear that the book is at least one answer to my Mother’s prayers – that her children have a relationship with God. She taught me to believe in God and the power of prayer. Prayers of My Mother is filled with powerful Scriptures, relatable and poignant anecdotes, and edifying prayers. It was written for everyone, despite their religion or beliefs, and introduces Scriptures to those unfamiliar with the Bible. As I began to study the Bible, I recognized how the same flaws, mistakes, and regrets that we experience today were also experienced by people during Biblical times; and that the same parallel choices, rewards, and consequences still apply.”

Interesting, so what role does she intend the book to have in the lives of ordinary people?

“I want readers to have hope and faith. I was transparent about my challenges, failures, and triumphs; and demonstrated my faith in God through my ability to hope and pray in response. I am not unlike anyone else who also has trials and tribulations. However, it is how we address them that is the key to surviving. The use of real-life events in Prayers of My Mother leaves readers with clarity and a deeper understanding of the Bible. I believe that if readers have experienced anything similar to what I have experienced, they will relate and believe that they can triumph too!”

Love this way of thinking, but what comes next, what can we expect in the years ahead?

“Currently, I am working on my second book entitled, Don’t Eat Your Vomit! scheduled for release in 2021. Don’t Eat Your Vomit! will help you not only recognize and avoid eating your own vomit but will also help you manage when you do eat your vomit. Unbelievably, we will all do this at least once, if not more, at some point in our lives. ‘Vomit’ in this context are those situations and people that we allow to remain in our lives repeatedly, even when we see and feel that the situation or relationship is not working. I believe Prayers of My Mother and Don’t Eat Your Vomit! will be great resources of encouragement for everyone as they navigate through life. I also hope to complete Prayers of My Mother, Volume II, very soon; and resume touring and speaking at book or other conferences and retreats when the health of the country improves. Lastly, if I can create a place in the literary world as the author who offered guidance and inspiration, and simply cared about others, then I will have accomplished much.”

To enjoy a new way of thinking and reflecting about the world outside, visit Amazon.com today and get a book that’s already being widely talked about.

Carolyn L. Austin can be contacted for interviews and speaking appearances at the details below.

Website: www.prayersofmymother.com

Email: [email protected]

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