WebsiteSuccess.Tools Review: Improved Website Performance Achieved by Online Businesses

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WebsiteSuccess.Tools Review: Improved Website Performance Achieved by Online Businesses

February 11
23:18 2021
One of the fundamental representations used for understanding computer systems is the OSI model. Short for Open System Intercommunication, the OSI model illustrates the layers of technology that make up the internet. It starts with the Physical Layer which represents the hardware components like the physical wiring that carry the ones and zeroes.

From there, the model builds on more esoteric domains, one on top of another. There is the Data Link Layer, the Transport Layer, the Presentation Layer. The final layer is the Application Layer which encompasses the more familiar and user-accessible software like web browsers and email clients.

The OSI model intends to simplify networking concepts but it also highlights how complex the technology is. And the more complex a machine is, the likelier are errors, inefficiencies, and breakdowns. The OSI model applies to many internet technologies, websites included. And websites too can be prone to functional issues.

To be fair, internet technologies have advanced enough to make them reliable and sound for commercial use. But the technology as a whole is not perfect. And it may never be. Thus, the tolerance for an imperfect system depends on how much an interruption will cost a business.

With web services, particularly web hosting, service reliability is rated as uptime. Most advertise their uptime ratings well-above 99.9%. This may look impressive at first glance. But consider a year-long service period. Crunching the numbers, a 0.1% chance of downtime may come about as an 8-hour outage.

How bad an 8-hour long web-hosting outage will depend on how many business transactions are generated from a website. According to most experts, large companies that depend on their websites for large volume transactions stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars for every minute of downtime. There are many instances in internet history to prove this. For example, in 2012, Google went offline for just 10 minutes. It is widely believed that this short time has caused Google $750,000 in lost revenue.

How about for smaller businesses? Estimates vary loses from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a minute. Though these figures pale in comparison to the possible losses of large enterprises. They can be substantial enough to cripple a small business that would not have the resources to buffer such losses.

Such is the kind of risk management that businesses do. Businesses have to find a way to mitigate the effect of outages. One of the most cost-effective is uptime monitoring.

One reliable web services provider, WebsiteSuccess.Tools offers a line of uptime monitoring services to provide businesses early warning for serious and prolonged web-hosting downtime.

Uptime monitoring determines the quality of web-hosting service through the use of specific server and network tests. Tests like server availability, load balancing, network latency, and connection routing. The intelligent algorithm in the monitoring system analyzes the test data and determines usable service. It does all of this in seconds and it does this at regular intervals. And once a service issue is detected, the system sends an automatic alert to the client business owner.

The true value of uptime monitoring such as that provided by WebsiteSuccess.Tools allows businesses to quickly react in the event of a downtime. As previously shown, the cost of downtime piles up by the minute, so the sooner a service issue is addressed, the better. It is another perfect example of why time is money.

WebsiteSuccess.Tools arms businesses with more than just an early warning tool. Test data is collected over time and the uptime monitoring system makes the data available for client business analysis. The data can prove invaluable for further troubleshooting and service maintenance.

Running an online business through a website can seem like a daunting affair as it involves reliance on technology that is too complex for the layman to understand. Businesses have to trust that the underlying technology would just work. And they do, most of the time. But in the off chance that something does go wrong, WebsiteSuccess.Tools have got their back.

For more information about WebsiteSuccess.Tools and its line of website monitoring services, visit For questions and inquiries, please email [email protected]

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