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Whizbang Apps Updates The Textjam App To Support The Cryptocurrency Trend

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Whizbang Apps Updates The Textjam App To Support The Cryptocurrency Trend

February 16
18:43 2021
Makers of innovative mobile apps, Whizbang Apps, announces an update to their text transformation app, Textjam, to incorporate the latest trends such as cryptocurrency

Whizbang Apps is staying true to the goal of creating TextJam, a text transformation app, with the recent update of the texting tool with new exciting features. The new move is in line with the goal of the app to expand on ASCII drawings, and provide an even quicker method to import these drawings from the keyboard, with the new features allowing users to converse using trendy memes, especially as regards the cryptocurrency register.

Texting can be fun and exciting, especially when communicating on various platforms. However, the activity can also be easily boring, particularly if the same kinds of characters are used. Over the years, several tools have been developed to make communication more interesting and effective. However, Mark Wong of Whizbang Apps has been able to change this narrative with The Textjam App.

The app is designed to take advantage of Apple’s Silicon and frameworks to provide powerful real-time text conversions, such as complex conversion from letters to SHA, Hex, Binary, ROT47, ROT13, word reversal, and entire string reversal. The latest introduction of larger ASCII drawings in support of the cryptocurrency trend for memes makes the app even more fun to use.

TextJam is particularly unique as it offers more than text conversion, providing real-time text conversion that allows users to save their favorites to a list and filter text conversion categories for quick access. Other unique features of the app include support for multiple Asian languages such as Katakana, Hiragana, Hangul, and Thai, no 3rd libraries or tracking libraries, privacy-focused, fancy text, and a host of others.

The lightweight app is suitable for forums, online chats, twitch chats, text messaging, and major social media platforms where memes are posted, allowing users to express themselves with ASCII characters that are not available as emojis.

For more information about TextJam and how to enjoy the exciting features of the texting tool, please visit the App Store.

About Whizbang Apps

Whizbang Apps was founded by Mark Wong, a solo app developer, to help users of smart mobile devices get the best from their gadgets. Mark started with writing gaming apps before recently switching to utility apps to add value to people’s everyday lives.

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