Tanzanite Stone for Sale at Star Lanka at a Fraction of the Rates Charged by Luxury Brands

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Tanzanite Stone for Sale at Star Lanka at a Fraction of the Rates Charged by Luxury Brands

June 15
18:18 2021
Star Lanka is among the top sellers of fine Tanzanites. It buys raw stones, manufactures gems and sells them at affordable rates to customers globally. The business is renowned for its passion for crafting quality gemstones and the wide range on offer.

According to announcements released by Star Lanka and Suhail S, the variety in Tanzanite stone available with this business offers an excellent choice to buyers who seek a credible alternative to blue sapphire. Tanzanite was discovered in Tanzania in 1967. A bluish-violet variety of zoisite, it has a reddish-brown hue in its natural state. The stone acquires the rich and alluring tones of blue after heat treatment, during which the raw stone is subjected to temperatures of up to 600°C for half an hour. The mineral vanadium gives Tanzanite its characteristic colors. 

Star Lanka stocks Tanzanite stone sourced from mines in Tanzania. Buyers are beginning to prefer this stone over the semi-precious lapis lazuli because of its inherent beauty and steadily increasing price. Rough Tanzanite can be in the form of a big stone weighing hundreds of carats.

According to sources, Tanzanite stone has grown in appeal over the past few years, and a constant demand for this precious stone makes it an excellent choice for investors. Tanzanite is considered to be the birthstone for December and the gemstone for the 24th anniversary. 

Expert cutters at Star Lanka can create beautifully shaped gemstones in cushion, oval, pear, and other shapes. Because of its pleochroic properties and refraction, the stone can display different colors, and hence every finished gemstone possesses almost unique color properties. Deeper tones of blue indicate a better-quality stone. 

Cleaning this gemstone is easy. One only needs a soft brush, a mild detergent, and warm water to restore its sheen and remove dirt that may have settled on it. 

For more information, go to https://www.starlanka.com/gemstones/tanzanite/

Suhail S of Star Lanka said, “The story of Star Lanka begins in 1985, founded by Mr. Veera Salahudeen, a humble man with a passion for beauty. Since then, the company has been growing, steadily and consistently, into a reliable source for quality gemstones, with offices in Thailand and Hong Kong. We specialize in various gemstones, from rubies to garnets, a wide range of semi-precious stones, and an extensive collection of tourmalines. You can find anything you are looking for when it comes to beautiful, high-quality gems. Our passion shows through in each of our products. While we aim high, we don’t forget our humble beginnings.

We have been in this industry for many years, and our experts have the experience to reshape, resize, and improve the lustrous qualities of any gemstone. We convert rough stones into works of art that are prized by owners all over the world. 

Star Lanka stocks popular stones such as sapphires, spinels, garnets, and tanzanites. Customers can design their jewelry online at the Star Lanka website. Star Lanka has designed jewelry for top global brands and has now made its skills available to the retail buyer.”

About the Company:

Star Lanka was established in 1985 and has since then grown to become a leading manufacturer and seller of gemstones. The gems are fashioned from precious stones that are sourced ethically from conflict-free zones. Through Star Lanka, buyers can purchase the best quality rubies, garnets, tanzanites, and other stones at a relatively lower cost.

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Company Name: Star Lanka
Contact Person: Suhail S
Email: Send Email
Phone: +66 (2) 235 6954
Address:919/604, Jewelry Trade Center, Silom Road
City: Bangrak
State: BKK 10500
Country: Thailand
Website: https://www.starlanka.com/gemstones/tanzanite/

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