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Exceptional Sleep and TMJ Offers Alternative CPAP Treatment Method

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Exceptional Sleep and TMJ Offers Alternative CPAP Treatment Method

July 27
16:01 2021
Exceptional Sleep and TMJ Offers Alternative CPAP Treatment Method
Exceptional Sleep and TMJ is a leading provider of sleep and TMJ therapies. In a recent post on their site, they have issued details about their alternative CPAP treatment method.

Beverly, MA – Exceptional Sleep and TMJ, a top-rated Beverly sleep apnea therapy office, has affirmed its commitment to offering alternative CPAP treatment.

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects thousands of people and can cause serious health concerns if left untreated because sleep apnea is caused by airways collapsing. The standard treatment for the condition is to use a CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) machine. This is essentially a machine connected to the nose through a hose that constantly forces air through the nose and down the airway.

It’s a practical machine, and for many, it means the difference between sleeping soundly through the night or having to go throughout each day with only a few hours of sleep. Unfortunately, as many things do, it has several downsides that make it unacceptable for certain people. A CPAP has a small rubber piece that fits over the nose. This Beverly sleep apnea therapy is acceptable for some people, but there are plenty who find it nearly impossible to sleep with the feeling of two straps wrapped tightly around their heads.

One of the most effective CPAP alternatives is Oral Appliance Beverly Therapy. This involves a dental sleep doctor making a custom fabricated oral appliance that is custom fit to a patient’s particular bite and is designed to open the airway making it a practical solution for breathing and snoring.

Exceptional Sleep and TMJ

Exceptional Sleep and TMJ is committed to doing everything possible to use the simplest treatment available, not just to treat symptoms but solve the issues at hand. They understand that sleep apnea and TMJ disorders are both severe and often debilitating issues. That is why they use unobtrusive and comfortable solutions to get patients out of pain and sleeping soundly again.

Media Contact
Company Name: Exceptional Sleep and TMJ
Contact Person: Dr. Ben Polan
Email: Send Email
Phone: (978) 922-1824
Address:100 Cummings Center #104M
City: Beverly
State: MA
Country: United States

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