Affordable Urban Fashionwear Is Finally Possible with Mulat

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Affordable Urban Fashionwear Is Finally Possible with Mulat

September 09
05:37 2021
Mulat Urban Fashion Is Disrupting The Industry.

Urban fashionwear and jewelry have always been more than clothing and apparel. It offers the street community a chance to express itself through art, belief, and passion. It’s an intricate part of urban life but it hasn’t been accessible to everyone.

Quality urban fashion continues to exclude members of the community. Its high prices can reach the hundreds and thousands for shirts and pants. It contradicts the community and makes it hard for someone to express themselves with streetwear that’s made with great design, comfort, and materials.

For many of these brands, it’s not intentional. They want to build the urban community up and give them a message and product that someone can believe in. But the market makes it impossible to sell these clothes and make a profit for a sustainable company (at great prices).

Why are margins a challenge? It’s because of the middle man. These brands have to deal with someone to get the supply they need. That person needs to make his money and passes his cost to the buyer and customers.

In a perfect world, dealing with the supplier directly would cut these costs down and provide better quality for the apparel. Many brands have failed to overcome the challenges in cutting the middle man. Mulat, based in Ireland, has done so.

They now work directly with suppliers. They design unique urban fashionwear that’s built for quality and a better price. Where other brands might charge astronomical amounts, Mulat has luxury stretch trousers for under 70 USD and shirts under 50 USD.

And these aren’t just regular products that Mulat provides to disrupt the industry. For example, their jewelry selection offers products with 316L stainless steel and 18k plated gold. They use their own silversmiths to make it. Not only is price and quality part of their mission, but so is a responsibility committing to ethical fashion and fair-trade approaches.

These affordable prices make one thing possible. With quality urban fashionwear more accessible, customers can join a community, express themselves, and enjoy quality materials for a fraction of the cost.

Mulat was founded in 2019 with a vision to disrupt the industry. By cutting the middle man, they no longer have to mark up prices. They use their experience and vast networks around the world to design clothing and jewellery at a fraction of the costs of major brands.

But it’s not the end for this streetwear brand. Born edging the start of the pandemic, they continue to put innovation first. By continuing to invest in cost-saving strategies, and building their online store, they plan on providing urban fashionwear to customers around the world.

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