XSTANCE Insoles Slip Right Into Daily Life For Improved Productivity

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XSTANCE Insoles Slip Right Into Daily Life For Improved Productivity

September 09
05:55 2021
Meet The Folk Stepping Up to The Challenge of Creating Happier Feet Around The World.

There’s a new rising star in foot care, and it takes the form of an intimate family-run business. XSTANCE, https://thexstance.com/ – who provides solutions to chronic foot pain – is a fairly new brand, but they’re no stranger to the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship.

In just under a year, they’ve helped over 17,000 customers step, sleep, and live better with their solutions. Their mission is to impact as many lives as possible by helping people get back on their feet. This is matched by their belief that everyone should enjoy freedom of movement, and freedom from chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis (micro-tears to the bottom ligament of the foot).

Their most popular product, XSTANCE Insoles – https://thexstance.com/product/xstance-insoles, are backed by thousands of testimonials and reviews from people all over the world, testifying to their comfort, quality, and durability.

But the real hype around these simple insoles comes from the workforce. Hospitality staff, construction workers, lawyers, doctors, rockstars, and nearly every professional in between, are heavily backing XSTANCE for helping them stay productive. With some claiming they couldn’t work without them.

But of course, as with any product or solution, it’s the end benefit that matters. So can XSTANCE insoles really eliminate foot pain as they claim? And what makes them different from other orthotic brands out there?

XSTANCE claims that they use only medical-grade foam and other high-end materials for their insoles. This, in their words, “provides a balance of support and flexibility that can’t be found elsewhere”. In addition, they explained that most “solutions”’ on the market don’t take the entire health of the foot into consideration. And because of this, users can experience a myriad of side effects, from trapped nerves to more serious skeletal imbalances.

XSTANCE tackles this by taking a “whole body” approach to pain relief. This holistic philosophy is a vein that runs deep within the family behind this booming business, and is responsible for the positive impact they’ve had so far.

Due to their recent success, however, there has been a big spike in knock-off brands posing as XSTANCE. They mentioned that any company imitating them is likely more concerned about profits, and not people’s health. This could lead them to use cheaper materials that may make foot conditions worse over time.

A core cornerstone of XSTANCE values is “people before profits”. This is why they’re able to offer their insoles for a modest price, despite only sourcing medical-grade materials. Stephanie Kessler from XSTANCE had this to share:

“From day one, we wanted to create a product that fits seamlessly into people’s lives and truly helps them with their pain. Using premium materials means we take a smaller piece of the pie home at the end of each month. But it’s all worth it if we can wake up and change one more person’s life for the better”.

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