Blake B makes a return to music under new new multimedia record label, FeltgoodmusicLLC

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Blake B makes a return to music under new new multimedia record label, FeltgoodmusicLLC

November 15
21:09 2021

Gifted Texas-based artiste, Blake B is making a return to music under a new multimedia record label FeltgoodmusicLLC after leaving V-Neck House Music Group.

The artiste, born and bred in Dallas, Texas, was one of the co-founders of FeltgoodmusicLLC in 2015 but publicly launched the record label earlier this year prior to his falling off with, and departure from V-Neck House Music Group.

Blake B it would seem, has music running in his veins. The versatile artiste ventured into music during his Junior/Senior year of high school, starting first as a Dj before flying off to prominence. Admittedly, it wasn’t smooth sailing for him as he had to contend with fake friends, but with his obvious talent and tenacity, Blake scaled through and today he’s a proud co-owner of a record label.

Blake B’s FeltgoodmusicLLC is a collaborative of many hit genres and growing ones like chill hop, contemporary hip hop, etc. The record label was set up to be a multipurpose platform for all kinds of music genres. ”The type of music that fits perfect for certain scenes, scenarios, mood or even tragedy. FeltgoodmusicLLC was made with the idea to give everything or everyone a theme music. If you stub your big toe on your left foot on a late Wednesday, there should be a jingle or song for that. Just got a bonus at work, there should be a themed celebration sound that comes with it.”

Blake B is not resting on his laurels yet. The artiste is set to finally release ”Monsters” sometime soon. It’s a project that was started back around 2018  after he left the scene. ”For my return I also wanted to present a 4 album/documentary along with one of my good brothers, Roylee Pate, staring him. A lot went down and it’s time to talk about it”, he said about his plans.

Even though Blake B is currently making waves, he still has massive respect for American rapper, Andree 3000 chiefly for his lyrical poems and storytelling. Blake also revealed he’ll love to one day have a collaboration with Andree 3000, Slick Rick and Ludacris all on a track.

When he’s not in the studio making hit songs, Blake B loves to spend his free time on daddy duties. ”At the moment all my extra time goes to my kids. I love being a daddy and after losing my firstborn, I’ll never miss these moments again.” Additionally, Blake’s talent also extends to visuals and social media marketing for FeltgoodmusicLLCLLC.

Blake B while giving a piece of advice to his fans and younger ones, opened up on his travails during the darkest days of his life. ”Anxiety and Depression didn’t win. It should have killed me. But I think right at those exact moments it’s God flexing. I lost my son three weeks five days after birth, July 14 2018. The same year I lost a good friend, lost credibility in my company and it was all God waiting for me to come to talk to him again. Personally hated God in 2018. He flexed on me. Finally spoke with him and the world on November 14, 2018. On November 15, 2019, a blessing was given to me. Go any way you want with this subliminally, but as for me, anxiety and depression doesn’t bully me anymore.”

How Blake B bounced back from those dark moments should be studied in school. Along with how he is able to keep making hit after hit, a special talent that is set to propel him to the pinnacle of music in the world.

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