Energy5 On EV Trends – The Main Reason To Install EV Chargers

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Energy5 On EV Trends – The Main Reason To Install EV Chargers

November 18
22:33 2022

The US Electric Vehicle Market set a record in 2021 when the number of sold EVs surpassed 600,000. A whopping 83% more than in 2018. The Market continues to grow and is projected to reach $137.43 Billion by 2028. In addition, annual EV sales are estimated to hit 5.6 million in 2030.

As it turns out, Electric Vehicles are no longer a mere gimmick one could easily neglect. They become increasingly affordable thanks to various tax credits, state, city, and/or utility company rebates. These are meant to promote EVs and accelerate their widespread adoption.

An EV-driving customer at a glance

Major automakers are setting ambitious EV goals that speak volumes about the state of things in the niche. For instance, Ford wants 50% of its global sales to be electric before 2030. General Motors committed to selling only zero-emission cars and trucks by 2035, while Toyota expects its sales of all-electric vehicles to reach 3.5 million by 2030 and will introduce 30 EV models by that time.

About the elusive EV-driving customer. Studies show that Millennials are increasingly interested in greener and more sustainable products, and EVs fit the bill. Millennials are both Innovators and Early Adopters, which makes them a particularly dedicated target audience. One that’s 100% receptive to new products and innovations.

The perks of EV Charging

With only about 113 thousand EV chargers currently in operation in the US, the need for more publicly available EV Charging stations is more apparent than ever before. That’s why it might be the perfect time to upgrade one’s business with EV chargers. Installing EV charging stations at one’s facility offers a wealth of benefits:

–  A new revenue stream. 40% of Americans plan on buying an Electric Vehicle next year. Providing those EV drivers with an amenity to charge their vehicles’ batteries will result in substantial profits for one’s business. On average, a 4-port EV Charging project can provide up to $2,000 in monthly revenue.

Increased customer retention. Energy5 puts businesses on the country’s top 5 EV charging maps, making them visible to EV drivers looking to charge their vehicles along the designated routes. Statistically speaking, 48% of charging sessions led to new shopping visits.

Improved sustainability. Installing EV Charging stations promotes greener and more sustainable driving habits demonstrating a business’ aspiration to go green and help mitigate Climate Change and Global Warming in all the right ways.

Turnkey EV Charging solutions for businesses

Energy5, a standalone brand powered by US Energy Solutions (America’s Premier ESCO), provides a full range of custom-tailored EV Charging solutions for businesses.

“What makes the Energy5 EV Charging solutions so unique is that they allow business owners to purchase and install EV chargers with little to no effort and next to no investments. We literally take care of everything, from A to Z!” – said Alex Ward, Energy5 EV Charging expert.

Energy5’s turnkey EV Charging solutions include:

–  Rebates. Helping businesses find and apply for local rebate programs to save up to 80% of EV Charging purchase and installation costs.
–  Financing. Covering the remaining 20% of purchase and installation costs through Energy5’s 12-month financing option with 0% APR.
–  Charging Stations. Delivering weather-proof, impact-resistant Level 2 EV Charging Stations with accelerated charging capabilities.
–  Management Software. Providing Smart EV Charging management software for Site Hosts and EV Drivers. 

Energy5 firmly believes that EV Charging is the future. Electric Vehicles are bound to replace their outdated ICE counterparts and will pave the way to a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. To that end, Energy5 invites business owners to join the rEVolution and take charge of the future of transportation.

About Energy5:

Energy5 is a standalone brand created by US Energy Solutions, a full-service nationwide ESCO focused on promoting Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, and Financial Literacy, leading to budgeting and savings through an array of Energy Services.

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