Instant Plant Food is Calling all Plant Parents

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Instant Plant Food is Calling all Plant Parents

November 19
00:24 2022
by Leslie Armstrong, Sustainability Writer

Easy to use houseplant fertilizer for all size plant collections is eco-friendly, sustainable.

I know you’d rather spend your time admiring your Monstera plant than reading fertilizer instructions so you don’t accidentally kill it. I know you’re tired of hauling around heavy plastic fertilizer jugs that take up room in your home. And I know you’re sick of all that unnecessary plastic waste. I hear you!

I’m a plant parent too, and I know all the issues that affect the house plant community. Bulky, heavy fertilizer bottles that force you to pay for water. Powdered fertilizer that makes a huge mess when you measure it out. Never really knowing if you got the measurements right. The list goes on.

If you love your plants but you don’t love fussing over fertilizer instruction manuals, there’s a solution. With Instant™ Plant Food tablets, there’s no measuring, no mixing, no mess, and no plastic bottles. It’s just a little tablet that contains everything your plant needs to thrive. Drop it in a full glass of water or small watering can, watch it fizz, and pour it straight into your soil–that’s it!

Liquid-free tablets don’t just save you space in your home. They take up a fraction of the space of regular fertilizer while in transport and weigh much less, drastically reducing carbon emissions. The company even recycles their packaging through TerraCycle, a company that recycles plastic materials and diverts them from landfills.

This company is also:

– Carbon neutral: They offset all of their carbon emissions, from manufacturing to shipping
– A supporter of 1% for the planet: 1% of every sale goes towards water conservation, protecting forests, and more
– Cruelty free and vegan: They use animal and cruelty free ingredients

Their formulas contain abundant, naturally occurring minerals, probiotics, and live fermentation of waste feedstock and molasses. And unlike other fertilizers, Instant™ Plant Food doesn’t contain sodium. Sodium has the potential to build up in toxic levels, stunting growth and healthy cell development.

Let’s take a closer look at how Instant™ Plant Food can benefit your plants.

Instant™ Plant Food

If you’re looking for an all-around fertilizer, Instant™ Plant Food is for you. Get visible results within a matter of days, and unlock your plant’s inner prom queen. It maintains soil health, nurturing all the friendly microorganisms present in the soil. Perfect for a plant that just needs a pick-me-up, new plants that you’ve just welcomed into your home, or plants that just aren’t growing to their full potential. It’s specially designed to work with all indoor plant types, like orchids, air plants, tropicals, and balcony or windowsill planters.

Instant™ Plant Food helps busy people enjoy the beauty and ambiance of their houseplants. It takes the guesswork out of growing lush, healthy plants, and gives you an automatic green thumb. There’s no measuring or mixing–just determine the needs of your plants, and choose the right tablet. It’s really that easy! Don’t take it from me–hear what raving fans have to say.

Media Contact
Company Name: Instant Biologics
Contact Person: Ted Bracker
Phone: 619-877-4450
Country: United States

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