Bright Future Recovery Provides Insight into Election-Time Substance Abuse

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Bright Future Recovery Provides Insight into Election-Time Substance Abuse

November 21
15:09 2022
Bright Future Recovery Provides Insight into Election-Time Substance Abuse
Political stressors and influencers can cause an array of triggers for substance abuse

HOLLISTER, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 21, 2022 – The team at Bright Future Recovery is helping those impacted by election-time stresses receive the care they need if substance abuse is an issue.

Although virtually any stressful life event can create a potential trigger for substance abuse, especially in those who are prone to relapse, Bright Future Recovery recognizes that current political turmoil and the endless political headlines seen on television, the internet, and everywhere in between can be a major factor for those who are on the verge of substance abuse.

Substance abuse, according to the team at Bright Future Recovery, can best be defined as a dependence on an addictive substance, specifically alcohol or drugs. Some of the latest statistics show that 21 million Americans suffer from addiction.

Turning to politics, the American society is fraught with polarization like never before. There has rarely – if ever – been a time in American history when the government and the citizens were so clearly divided over political issues. Recent research from Pew showed that 8 in 10 registered voters on each the Democratic and Republican side believed their differences with the other side were in regards to core American values. About 90% of voters on both sides felt that a win by the other side would bring lasting harm to the United States.

All of this tension has continued to mount as the media splashes headlines reflecting these trends every day. It’s all too common to turn on the television or go on social media and see people arguing about politics. Even within families, politics are a major hot button topic for now and the unforeseeable future.

Recent and upcoming elections bring a culmination of tension, stress, worries, and fears with them, and people might find themselves turning to substances including drugs and alcohol.

Bright Future Recovery offers a gentle reminder that their team is available to help when substance abuse feels like the only or best solution. Their team of addition recovery experts offer a variety of treatment options that are affordable and convenient for people from all walks of life. Their grounds are relaxing and peaceful, offering a welcoming atmosphere for all who choose recovery. As a luxury recovery center, Bright Future Recovery only accepts a handful of patients at a time, but they are committed to investing into the lives of each and every patient they cross paths with.

In times of political or governmental stress, especially near election time, it’s extremely common for people to turn to coping mechanisms. Turning to substances, however, can cause a number of socioeconomic issues for the individual that extend into the future.

“We know that election time is hard,” said a spokesperson for Bright Future Recovery. “Our research data tells us that substance abuse survivors tend to need more support during this time, and we also know that more people fall into substance abuse during these times.”

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