UPGRADE: Adopting a “Renaissance Mindset” can result in greater impact and fulfillment.

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UPGRADE: Adopting a “Renaissance Mindset” can result in greater impact and fulfillment.

November 22
00:48 2022
Living Renaissance introduces an innovative approach to cultivating exponential growth, peaceful confidence and joyful contribution.

The Renaissance began in 15th-century Florence, Italy as humanity emerged from the dark ages of plague and struggle. The human perspective shifted from suffering and insignificance to recognizing humanity as the greatest of all creation, capable of creation themselves. It was an era of incredible innovation, self-determination, and prosperity. Contemporary scholars named the era “renaissance,” meaning “rebirth,” attributing the new mindset to the rediscovery of ancient philosophies.

Founder of Living Renaissance, Melissa Robinson Hussain has a mission to make this powerful transformation readily available. This dream was born after she escaped on a retreat to Florence, Italy in 2015. In desperate need of transformational change, she was determined to find the keys to living her most fulfilling life and serving her calling as a vocational consultant to the best of her ability. She needed peace and yearned to create a life she loved. Melissa had developed a hobby of learning about renaissance Italy so she chose to stage her transformation where she could walk in the footsteps of her heroes: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, and Botticelli. Something in the air in Florence compels digging deeper and reaching higher. It motivated Melissa to spend her nights journaling about who she wanted to be and how she wanted to live. She mourned dreams that no longer served her and returned home with a manifesto, a plan, and new bigger, bolder dreams. Living her own renaissance, Melissa went on to become an award-winning vocational consultant who experienced dream fulfillment in ways she never previously imagined.

But what made that retreat so effective? The catalyst was adopting a “Renaissance Mindset.” At the intersection of her two passions of personal development and the Italian renaissance, she found a deeper more personal understanding of the concepts she had been teaching others to help them reach their career potential. The Duomo became a masterclass in confidence. Botticelli’s Primavera taught her to live in alignment with her values. Michelangelo’s David told her that it is in overcoming challenges that she would be her most innovative and successful.

Comparing her story to “Eat, Pray, Love,” friends and family who watched her reboot her life encouraged Melissa to write a book. But, she chose instead to launch a course to share the concepts that allowed her to transition from a dark place to continuously cultivating growth, peace, and joy in her life. Serving others with greater impact has been one of the most rewarding results of adopting a renaissance mindset. With this inspiration, she created a course that supports other purpose-driven professionals in serving their callings with greater fulfillment and impact while cultivating growth, peace, and joy in their lives.

Just in time for planning 2023, Living Renaissance is bringing a refreshing new perspective to personal development with the course “Renaissance Mindset.” The first session launches on December 1, 2022. Prelaunch prices are available now at www.livingrenaissance.com.

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