Sara Hamou explains why Women CEO are different

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Sara Hamou explains why Women CEO are different

December 08
21:12 2022
5 Reasons Women CEOs are Different in their Leadership

Nowadays, many companies recognize the importance of diversity and gender equality in terms of women being the first person in a company. Women will excel when given the opportunity to shine. Therefore, what are the main reasons women CEOs are different?

Let’s take a closer look at the experience of one young female leader who has a startup company of her own. Passion is one of the main reasons this woman becomes a leader and starts her own business. This was stated by Sara Hamou, a CEO and Co-Founder of “Medovie” — a natural skincare product based in the UK. Not only her passion, but also her confidence, takes her to become a brave and confident female leader.

In addition, according to research, there are 5 main reasons women CEOs are successful in their leadership:

Women focus on personal growth

Women are interested in finding ways to continually improve their personal skills. A focus on self-development makes women more self-aware, which allows them to have very strong emotional intelligence. Thus, this is a key trait of successful leaders.

Women are motivating

Women are natural cheerleaders. They love to discover what motivates people and are excited to share words of encouragement, thankfulness and rewards for a job well done. A survey of managers in the US reported that people who work for women leaders are more motivated than those who work for men leaders.

Women listen well

Women are good listeners. They really want to hear what others have to say and be there for them when they need it. This is a very good quality in a leader.

Women collaborate well

Women have a genuine passion for working with others. They want to share ideas and come up with solutions that will be effective for everyone involved in the process. They will also listen to the ideas of their subordinates to come up with the right solution.

Women are more open

Women tend to be more open minded. Psychologists stated that women are more adept at being open, because of their maternal instincts and desire to provide for others. Therefore, women are more likely to support individuals at all levels of their organization.

So, if you have a passion and a clear goal, whatever business you lead will definitely succeed. Take Sara Hamou as a reference, and see how it takes her this far.

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