Transformation into IT to become a Software Test Automation Engineer

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Transformation into IT to become a Software Test Automation Engineer

January 06
17:40 2023
Transformation into IT to become a Software Test Automation Engineer
No Job No Pay means you get the entire BootCamp but pay only once you get a job.
TS4U is delighted to announce our upcoming Bootcamp that starts on Feb 04, 2023. We will have the Software Test Automation Engineering and Vehicle Validation Engineering Bootcamp.

Our job success is over 85%, and students make over $180k yearly after joining their new company once they complete our Bootcamp. These are some questions you will ask us on Jan 07 at 2:00 pm EST.

We invite you to join our Jan 07, 2023, Webinar at 2:00 pm EST. We will answer all of your questions. Also, we will cover the “Software Test Automation Engineer and Vehicle Validation Engineer” boot camp topic. 

Bootcamp – SQA and SQE and SDET

Software Quality Automation Engineers are responsible for writing and running tests to ensure that software has been built correctly. They write the scripts that run these tests and analyze the results.

The job of the Software Quality Automation Engineer is to write code that tests the software or automates the testing of the software. They may also create test cases and verify that they work correctly.

Software Quality Automation Engineers may work in an agile environment where they are required to iterate quickly, so they must be able to write code fast. In addition, they should be able to read other people’s code and understand how it works so they can fix any bugs or add features without breaking anything else in the system.

Analyzing data to identify defects or errors in software products. This may involve creating automated tests or scripts to ensure that new features work as expected and existing features continue to function correctly.

Create automated tests or scripts to ensure that new features work as expected and existing features continue functioning correctly.

We will cover the JAVA for Selenium WebDriver for Web Application Automation to build your project-based skill development. Also, we will cover Cypress, which is based on JavaScript to use NodeJS. 

CypressJS is the most powerful in today’s Automation world, and TS4U’s Bootcamp covers it free of cost. 

We run the Bootcamp to follow the Agile Scrum. You will do the entire Bootcamp to follow the scrum software development framework; we have developed our own Agile Scrum Software Development platform. 

You will develop an e-commerce-based web application based framework from the script for Web and Backend throughout the Bootcamp that will make you the best candidate to join any organization to start your career. 

They are creating test plans for an organization’s software products. These plans outline the specific tests they should perform on each product and any testing steps that need to be performed before or after these tests are completed.

In the future, the role of Software Quality Automation Engineer will also continue to evolve as the industry shifts from manual test execution to automation processes. These engineers will be instrumental in ensuring this shift happens smoothly for their employers, ensuring that all aspects of their work are streamlined, efficient, and effective.

To become part of the fastest-growing Software Quality Automation Engineering job position, you need a well-planned TS4U Software Quality Automation Engineering Bootcamp.

The TS4U boot camp is one of the most comprehensive, straightforward, and practical programs available for people who have never programmed or are already familiar with basic syntax.

The boot camp is ideal for transforming your career faster, making over SIX Figures, working remotely, and becoming an expert in software development. If you want to learn more about infrastructure automation, this Software Quality Automation Engineering Bootcamp also provides students with the necessary knowledge.

We’ll take you step-by-step through engaging live classes and tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a Software Quality Automation Engineer.

Throughout this comprehensive journey, we will cover a massive amount of tools and technologies, including:

  • Learn and Implement Agile Scrum Framework

  • SDLC

  • Learn Java Programming Language, and Learn JavaScript Language

  • API Testing

  • E2E Cucumber Framework

  • Learn Version Control

  • The framework through CI/CD

  • Learn Linux on the AWS Cloud

  • Become Quality Assurance and Vehicle Validation Engineer based on the AWS Cloud platform 

  • Execute Production Issues

  • Weekly Technical Tests and Tasks,

  • Provide Presentation and Mentoring,

  • Technical Tests and Tasks are Setup Quarterly Based,

  • Complete Automated Mock Interviews,

  • Interview prep,

  • Job Exploration and Negotiation.

Quarter 1 (14 weeks): This quarter, you will learn the basics of software development. The main objective of this quarter is to cover the basics you should know to become an automotive software engineer. There will also be detailed discussions on project management, APIs, databases, and the cloud.

Quarter 2 (20 weeks): In this second quarter, you will learn basic and advanced programming. Here you can learn everything related to programming in a professional and fun way. As a result, the classes will be taken for twenty weeks this quarter, which is outstanding and incredible.

The most crucial subject waiting for you in this quarter is programming. This quarter, you will learn programming and the issues related to programming—for example, Java, Selenium, Test Automation, JavaScript, and Cypress.

Quarter 3 (7 Weeks): This quarter, this class will take classes on e-Commerce and every subject related to e-Commerce. These classes will teach the details of the frameworks built with e-Commerce and will finally bring this quarterly task.

Finals and Quarter 4 (5 weeks): This fourth quarter is just a review of your classes and what you’ve learned from them in the last three quarters. This is where revisions and summaries of what you have learned will be submitted. There will also be Mock Interview- Tools, Technology, Recruiter, Prepare for Mentor Interviews, Interview Loop- Continue Grow, and Final Task of the 4th Quarter.

The teaching system we have for you on this journey is enough to make you the ideal software automation engineer. But apart from these classes, we will ensure that you can give any job interview professionally and catch your dream job easily. 

That’s why we will arrange mock tests and quarter tasks for you at the end of every quarter. As a result, you will become more confident and can make yourself a qualified and ideal candidate.

Bootcamp on Vehicle Validation Engineer

TS4U is the RANK#1 for the Vehicle Validation Engineer Bootcamp on the GOOGLE Search. Do you know WHY? Because we have a practical curriculum that covers Software Quality Assurance and Vehicle validation together. Our Quality Assurance Engineer can be a Vehicle application engineer in less than one month of mentoring, so joining our Vehicle Validation engineer will be the best for you to change your career.  

You will learn from the best mentor, the Principal architect, Vehicle feature Architect, Gloan enterprise application development architect, and performance engineering architect who worked in the Stellnatic and Volkswagen, our CEO, Shiblu Ahmad, who will mentor you the Vehicle Validation Engineer.

You will be an expert on the entire Vehicle software development process, extensive tools and techniques, vehicle communication (CAN), vehicle-to-cloud communication, API, MQTT, V2V, Autonomous, FLEET, and exposure to all the latest connected vehicle solutions. It is a super effective career to start. You can start without any payment from our partner.

What do you get from the TS4U?

  • Success: Our success rate is over 85%.

  • Get a scholarship between 20% as a new Computer science engineering graduate and 25% as a Computer science engineering graduate with 1 one job experience.

  • Get FREE Tuition if you are a resident of the state of Michigan.

  • Carrying: We treat your journey like you are part of the family; we challenge you like you’re going to get it done.

  • Try it out: FREE Trial, FREE Career Counseling, and 24/7 Support.

  • Multiple Plans: Providenumerouse plans, but the best plan is to be with us, get a job, and enjoy your life (100% job guarantee plan).

  • Develop technical and communication skills that prepare you to join a company and hit the ground from day one.

  • Internship opportunities and work with our development team to know the entire software development life-cycle and development framework.

  • Be an EXPERT as the Software Quality Automation Engineer.

  • Receive monthly progress reports.

  • Weekly Show-N-Tell

  • One-On-Counseling

  • One-On-One technical support

  • Over 1000 technical interview questions throughout the Bootcamp

  • Audio and video mock interview

  • Interview assistance

  • Salary negotiation makes more than $20k to have us on your side when we negotiate for you.

  • Provide a competitive and challenging environment through group competition on our portal.

  • Develop and build your sr. Level presentation skills.

  • Automated Mock interviews, Group Interviews, Resume creation and Resume reviews based on the.

  • Interview assistance and interview practice.

  • Assist with the technical task to complete during the interview.

  • Short and long-term in-job assistance.

  • Guide you to climb the ladder for your next career.

  • Provide a mentor who works while teaching you and showing you the software development from scratch.

  • Provide and unleash various career opportunities throughout the BootCamp.

  • No job, no pay, and a 100 percent job guarantee.

Talk to us One-On-One:

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Company Name: TS4U IT Engineering Bootcamp
Contact Person: Shiblu Ahmad
Email: Send Email
Phone: 5862767347
Address:28751 Ryan Road
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