Get the Children Up And On their Feet With The Help Of Pilatecise: A Journey To Centre Bow By S. Y. Harris

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Get the Children Up And On their Feet With The Help Of Pilatecise: A Journey To Centre Bow By S. Y. Harris

May 24
00:42 2023
Get the Children Up And On their Feet With The Help Of Pilatecise: A Journey To Centre Bow By S. Y. Harris

Do you want your children to be interested in workouts like Pilates? Then you have to get this wonderful book written by a second-generation master Pilates teacher. The book starts off with the main character JP being woken by a storm in the middle of the night. As the storm drifts away, JP is drawn to look out of his window, but what he sees outside his window is a beautiful view of the huge old tree at the end of his garden illuminated by a moonbow and is an absolute sight to admire. After a little struggle, JP finally slips into a sweet slumber where he is visited by seven animals, all of whom have certain superpowers. These animals look normal but each has a unique marking, such as ‘a lion with its tail tip dipped in blue’.

The following day as JP wakes up, he squeaks an animal squeak as he stretches, which is pretty normal for him. He continues the day with a smile and makes his way to his garden. He soon sees a beautiful door on his tree. Sitting on the tree are six children close to his age and they each have an animal beside them, just like in his dream. JP is greeted by Geo and is encouraged to go through the beautiful door and taken inside to a treehouse and the magical world of Pilatecise. This wonderful treehouse is a world apart from JP’s garden and home to Lilly The Clock, who can speak and control time. JP soon realises that the white lion with blue eyes and a tail tip dipped in blue, a beautiful creature who feels so close and comforts him is his animal guide. Though baffled by everything, JP still feels comfortable in this wonderful adventure and the world of Pilatecise. JP is asked to join the Pilatecise Crew on a mission to collect a blue stone from Park 5, the Park Of  Control, which is an essential element in the seven attributes of Pilatecise. JP also realizes that the seven colours of the rainbow link to each Pilatecise superpower, and this first Pilatecise book explores the blue bow of the rainbow, which is Park 5.

Follow along on the adventure to find out what happens next in this amazing book by S. Y. Harris. Find out what happens when JP then goes to Centre Bow and meets the Wobs and what this mission is really all about. It is sure to have your children invested in Pilates and being active, and a wonderful way to introduce your whole family to participate in Pilates together. Once you have read the story try acting out each chapter and using the Pilatecise superpowers to help you all with your movements.

About the Author

S. Y. Harris (Sarah) is an experienced Pilates teacher and educator who loves to encourage all generations to fall in love with good movement. Harris takes pride in always delivering enthusiasm and tailored advice to all her wonderful clients that span the decades. In 2013 Harris completed her 2-year mentorship with the sensational Pilates Elder Lolita San Miguel in Florida, USA. Lolita gave Harris the title of 2nd Generation Master Pilates Teacher. At this point, Harris’ three young children were still all under eight years old and she wanted to include her whole family in her Pilates journey, including her husband, a well-respected Physiotherapist (together, they run a Physio and Pilates Clinic in Thatcham, Berkshire, England). Hence, the Pilatecise concept was born.

Book Name: Pilatecise: A Journey to Centre Bow
Author Name: S. Y. Harris
ISBN Number: 979-8365712324
Ebook Version: Click Here
Audiobook Version: Click Here
Paperback Version: Click Here
Hardcover Version: Click Here

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