Carla J. Smith’s “Word Up” Empowers Christians to Transform Their Lives Through Faith, Love, and Mercy

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Carla J. Smith’s “Word Up” Empowers Christians to Transform Their Lives Through Faith, Love, and Mercy

May 26
23:30 2023
Carla J. Smith’s “Word Up” Provides Essential Guidance For Christians

Carla J. Smith’s new book, “Word Up,” is a powerful guide for Christians seeking to change their lives through a closer connection with God. With an emphasis on faith, love, and mercy, Smith explores the transformative power of God’s words and offers insight into the unique relationship between people and God.

The book delves into the life of Carla J. Smith, who credits her mother with instilling her strong values and faith at an early age. Through her involvement in church activities, Smith discovered the transformative power of the church and the valuable lessons it instilled in her. With this foundation, she was able to build a strong relationship with God that has guided her throughout her life.

“Word Up” emphasizes the importance of trusting in God’s unfailing love and mercy, which can transform one’s existence. Smith stresses that God’s words are not mere words but hold immense power to heal a broken heart and shape the universe. The book highlights that God’s Word is unique and cannot be changed or added to by any person or institution.

Throughout the book, Smith encourages readers to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior and to allow the Holy Spirit to guide them in understanding and applying God’s Word to their lives. She emphasizes that spiritual unity in Christ is based on a relationship with the Father and the Son, a common perspective on the world, righteousness, and the ungodly.

As a wife, grandmother, employee, manager, teacher, and former first lady, Carla J. Smith has many responsibilities in her life. Through “Word Up,” she conveys that God’s might is the highest authority, and His words provide comfort and direction to Christians seeking to satisfy their inner needs.

“Word Up” is essential for anyone seeking to discover the true road to God and make life changes. Its emphasis on faith, love, and mercy offers valuable guidance and insight into the transformative power of God’s Word. Get your “Word Up” copy now by visiting the website or Amazon.

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