“Team Accountability,” another corporate training program by Appleton Greene & Co.

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“Team Accountability,” another corporate training program by Appleton Greene & Co.

June 07
01:33 2023

Mr. Teschner is a Certified Learning Provider (CLP) at Appleton Greene. A decorated graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, Air University, and the National War College, Mr. Teschner is also both a Distinguished Graduate and former F-15 Instructor at the USAF Weapons School – the Air Force version of “TOP GUN.” It was there that he honed his craft of teaching team accountability to some of the top team leaders in the world. Additionally, Mr. Teschner was privileged to command an operational F-22 “Raptor” squadron, flying America’s most advanced air supremacy platform. Mr. Teschner was ultimately honored to be promoted to the rank of full Colonel but retired early as a result of a battle with colon-rectal cancer. Mr. Teschner has over 20 years of hands-on leadership experience in High-Performance, High-Reliability Organizations and brings all of that experience with him wherever he speaks, teaches, or coaches.

Most organizations struggle with implementing system-wide accountability. Practicing positive, forward-focused accountability is a challenging prospect for anyone, especially those who haven’t been trained on how to do so in a team setting. An additional pressure point is the prospect of accountable leadership in a rapidly changing environment, in an age where disruptors are constantly emerging, challenging “the old way” of doing business. Organizations that thrive in this age of rapid change are those that have built processes and employ methodologies focusing on human interactions. Critically, they’ve adopted cultures that embrace improvement and value positive, forward-focused accountability in ALL aspects of their operations. Either by design or chance, they are following the approach high-performing military teams take to enable success in complex environments the world over. Learning from these high-performing military teams is a powerful option for any organization that intends to win in the face of constant disruptive changes.

This course takes the very best from the high-performance military team world—a world centered on successfully harnessing the upside of positive, forward-focused accountability to foster team learning, continuous improvement, and enable top performance in an incredibly demanding environment, and usually with a very young and constantly rotating workforce—and translates the core principles into the business world. 

Program participants will gain both clear insights, as well as practical implementation strategies, into how high-performing military teams teach leadership, practice accountability, and deal with complexity in a powerful course that gets to the root of both accountable leadership and teamwork. Participants will understand how high-performance teams organize, prepare for, and execute operations in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) environments. They will develop a deep understanding of the high-performance team Debrief model, to include an understanding of the cultural requirements necessary for successful implementation. This understanding will lead participants to build Psychological Safety and emphasize Behavioural Standards in their organizational design. The centrepiece of the high-performance team model, The Debrief-Focused Approach, will be utilized as the backbone of the business team lifecycle, enabling course participants to incorporate a positive, forward-focused approach to teaming, continuous improvement, and team learning into their daily battle rhythms.

For more information, please visit: https://www.appletongreene.com/clp-cih-team-accountability 

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