Officially launched, How can French 80-year-old classic brand E-Change be confidently deployed in China?

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Officially launched, How can French 80-year-old classic brand E-Change be confidently deployed in China?

June 07
06:31 2023

With the sustainable development of the global economy and the continuous improvement of overall strength, China is playing an increasingly important role in the overseas trading market.

At the same time that Chinese manufacturing is going overseas, numerous foreign companies are refocusing their attention on China. In addition, since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, the global political economy has experienced profound changes unseen in a century. Combined with the Trade disputes between China and the United States that began in 2018, the global capital market has undergone profound changes. The Chinese market has become an important refuge and destination for global capital. 

European domestic companies settled in Asia have become the inevitable trend and important strategic choice for long -term growth. It is the key to creating long -term competitiveness and becoming a world- class enterprise. 

Brand entry into China

Recently, the classic French company under the brand “E-CHANGE” has also set its sights on China. And announced the imminent official entry into the Chinese market.

First, they believe that the new generation of Chinese young people are increasingly interested in personal beauty maintenance. Second, the company sees China’s independent and complete supply chain system in the field of protection; Third, the long history of Chinese civilization has a profound influence on brand building.

Therefore, E-CHANGE decided to speed up the strategic layout of the Chinese market. This also highlights the brand’s determination to deeply cultivate the Chinese market, looking forward to blooming a new attitude on the modern soil of China, an ancient civilization.

The E-CHANGE brand is almost 80 years old.

Eva Elisa, a nursing heir born in a medical family of a hundred years and with rich experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and her husband established the first medical nursing workshop in 1939 in a rural town near Giverny, France. In 1942, they bought a small shop called Calendula Skincare, which added extracts from various Mediterranean plants such as marigold. They continuously developed products for the purpose of skin therapy to serve customers in the town, committed to moisturizing and repairing the skin. This place is affectionately known as the “Calendula Family”.


Later, with the relocation of the town residents, the Eva family gradually declined, and Effesen took over the spiritual concepts and formula inheritance from Eva’s third generation children. Graduating from high school, its basic skincare series products were popular in Southern France for a while. 

In 2019, Effesen traveled across Europe in search of better ingredients, working with experts from research and development laboratories in France to study the efficacy of ingredients and upgrade the product. Thus, its French company officially launched the brand E-CHANGE.

French founder Eva developed the idea of integrating calendula into whole body care to combat the skin problems of her loved ones. With the help of her family, she developed the “marigold” product – a symbol of hope, relief, and love.

It uses the extract of calendula leaves, flowers and stems as the main components of the product, with the ancient and pure extraction method, the use of calendula essence and special deep sea extract, coastal earth extract ingredients collaboration, to create a unique family formula as well as a high-end skin care brand E-CHANG.

The E-CHANGE brand has received numerous favorable responses since its birth. The brand name is not only to use “E” to commemorate the founder Eva, but also comes from the meaning of French etre and changer, which means the expectation of Eva family for the brand, to improve the skin from the essence and source.

Brand strategic layout

Now E-CHANGE, after years of precipitation and adherence, that intention has been condensed in the product. All products are permeated with the meticulous care of French R&D factory.

With the development of the natural beauty and skincare industry, after a year of testing and upgrading, the company has developed a series of more effective and additive free body care products for Chinese consumers, which will be more suitable for Chinese skin types. The brand E-CHANGE has officially been introduced into China.


In the next five years, E-CHANGE will continue to increase the investment and attention to the Chinese market, adhere to the consistent principle of “Calendula skincare” and specialize in researching the efficacy of ingredients, take source to save the problem muscle” as the performance, take “net source inflammation, let the skin health for a long time” as the skin care concept. E-CHANGE will continue to advocate the concept of “French Calendula skin care brand, source rescue problem muscle”. It will launch more diverse and effective products, which is bound to bring more beautiful experiences to the personal care of domestic users.

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