“The Mole Volume II” by Ron Raye is A Poetic Exploration of the Horrors and Lasting Impacts of Slavery

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“The Mole Volume II” by Ron Raye is A Poetic Exploration of the Horrors and Lasting Impacts of Slavery

May 28
17:00 2024
"The Mole Volume II" by Ron Raye is A Poetic Exploration of the Horrors and Lasting Impacts of Slavery
Ron Raye releases “The Mole Volume II,” a collection of free-verse monologues exploring the brutal realities and lasting impacts of slavery. Praised for its raw emotion and evocative language, “The Mole Volume II” is a powerful testament to resilience and humanity.

Renowned author and poet Ron Raye announces the release of his latest book, “The Mole Volume II,” a powerful and evocative collection of free-verse monologues that delve into the harrowing realities and lasting effects of slavery on both its victims and perpetrators. Following the success of his previous works, Raye continues to captivate readers with his unflinching exploration of historical atrocities and their profound human impact.

“The Mole Volume II” is a distinctive and compelling free-verse monologue about the horrors and devastating effects of slavery. The narrative provides an unvarnished look at the mental and psychological hardships endured by enslaved individuals, chronicling their journey from West Africa, across the Middle Passage, to their respective ports. Readers are immersed in the poignant story of a young woman who suffers at the hands of her master, a tale rendered with raw emotion and stark realism.

The enigmatic figure of Willem is central to the collection, an anonymous voice who emerges as one of the architects of slavery. Willem’s presence is both pervasive and elusive, embodying the systemic cruelty of the institution. Through Willem and other vividly depicted characters, Raye illustrates the shattered dreams and devastating lives of the victims during and after emancipation. The voice in these poems is compassionate and healing, and the language is concise and transparent, delivering a powerful message of resilience and humanity.

“The Mole Volume II” has garnered critical acclaim, including a review from Literary Titan, which praises the book for its in-depth examination of the perpetrators and victims of slavery and its lasting impacts. The review states, “Raye doesn’t pull any punches as he dives into the sensitive topic, following the journey taken by many slaves and exploring both their individual stories and their collective pain… Raye manages to use a variety of characters and stories to convey the depth and breadth of the history he is dramatizing, and he does so without romanticizing, dehumanizing, or trivializing.”

“The Mole Volume II” is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For more information about Ron Raye and his works, please visit https://ryokanes.us2.authorhomepage.com/.

About the Book

Journey into a hauntingly vivid exploration of the horrors and enduring impacts of slavery, where the voices of the oppressed and the oppressors come alive in a series of poignant free-verse monologues. Experience the harrowing tale of a young woman enduring unimaginable cruelty and meet the enigmatic figure who symbolizes the systemic brutality of the past. This powerful collection delves deep into the psychological scars left behind, offering a raw, unflinching look at resilience and the quest for healing amidst unimaginable suffering.

About the Author

Ron Raye is an acclaimed author and poet with a background in creative writing from the University of Oxford, Kellogg College. He has received numerous accolades, including the Literary Titan Book Award, and has authored several notable fiction and poetry books. Raye resides in Fukuoka, Japan, where he continues to write and inspire readers around the world.

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