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New Work by Charles H. Chen Reveals I Ching’s Consistency with Modern Science and DNA/RNA Codes

Created over 5,000 years ago by Chinese Emperor Fu Xi, the I Ching has been studied along with modern science, and the discoveries are described by Charles H. Chen, MD,

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From Death to Blessing, Is A Humble and Honest Account of One Man’s Journey to Find Salvation

From bullying to depression, suicide and later a struggle with alcohol, Laurie Agius narrates how his life was going downhill till he found salvation in accepting Jesus Christ. From Death

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It’s All Light: The Morphic Resonance of Light: A Unified Theory by Gloria Prema Is A Thought-Provoking Book Unifying Science and Spirituality

It’s all Light unifies science with religion equating the universe as a consciousness with every being connected as a part thereof It’s All Light: The Morphic Resonance of Light:  A

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Airtab® Teams Up With West Coast Beverages To Launch The “$25 Million Dollar Cocktail Giveaway” Will Support The #Saveourbars&Restaurants Movement

Jupiter, Florida – February 23, 2021 – AirTab, the leading social network app that connects people to trending dining and entertainment experiences, launches the  “$25 Million Dollar Cocktail Giveaway,” which

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Aston Dollars: Music Artist And Mogul From New York Is On The Rise

Marlon Beaudouin better known by his artist name Aston Dollars is an on the rise music artist from New York

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What To Expect From Pricing Transparency This Year

MC AnalyTXs expects the healthcare world to be disrupted significantly by the new pricing transparency rules that took effect on

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Time To Consider Moving To Miami

Right now, is the best time to be moving to Miami, Florida. If considering such a move, The Munoz Team

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Caregiver Support Services offers support and resources for professional caregivers

Caregiver Support Services is a nonprofit organization that provides a myriad of custom-designed training solutions, helping caregivers increase their knowledge

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American Health Care Academy (AHCA) Launches Improved Website and Offerings

The American Health Care Academy (AHCA) is proud to announce the launch of their new website. The site will serve

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Design Land NYC’s creative content can be a game changer for many struggling brands

Stepping into the Industrial Revolution 4.0 where physical boundaries are blurring only to strengthen the digital landscape, it remains imperative

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February 2021